A Ghostly Fiscal Memory of WTPA v1.0
Mon Mar 19 10:51:09 EDT 2012
What is this stuff?

Mon Mar 19 10:51:09 EDT 2012
All WTPA v1.0 schwag is sold out as of today. Dakota G. scarfed up the last bare board on Monday March 19th. Please note -- those of you who are looking for firmware updates can do this easily with an AVR programmer (Adafruit has them for cheap) and the free firmware downloadable from this site. Lastly, although it has been taking forever, you WTPA2 is coming out one of these days and you sign up on the FORUM if you want first dibs on it.
It's been a great ride, and I love you all.
TMB, March 2012

Wed Apr 7 10:28:17 EDT 2010
WTPA has been sold out in kit form since November. I still have PCBs and MCUs, though. If you are cheap and/or like a challenge, you can still build a perfectly good sampler with this, but it will require sourcing parts. There's a BOM on the main page, and a ton of stories in the forum about people making these. Remember too, that the code is on the main site and you can save yourself the cost of a chip and shipping if you can program your own. It's also worth noting that Atmel seems to be having a hard time keeping Atmega164p-20PUs in stock at their distributors right now. This means there might be price changes or the MCUs might be out of stock periodically while I dig them up like some kind of transistorized truffle pig.

**Finally, WTPA v2.0 is in active development right now and kits and finished units will be out in a few months**. [Mar 19, 2012 -- "Few" has a loose definition]
So you can wait up for those, too.
Head on over to the FORUM to see how they're coming along, and also give us a piece of your mind as far as design details!
Xoxo, TB

WTPA Version 1.00 Bare PCB
This is the the secret Suge Knight revision PCB, offering a certified 100% Biggie Free Environment.
But srsly y'all. Those of you who follow my "blog" know that I messed up and the first revision of the PCB I ordered for WTPA had a bug in the overdub summing amplifier. The bad news is I lost a lot of scratch, because I wanted everything to be perfect and revved and re-ordered all the boards. Those became the V1.01 PCBs that went in the kit.

The good news is, a few days later I started doing the overdubbing in the digital domain and stopped using the overdub summing amp audio path altogether ANYWAY. Which rendered these boards un-broken again. They are a little less pretty, there are a couple more components, and the signal routing is just a hair noisier, but they will do EXACTLY THE SAME THING as a v1.01 WTPA if you make one. So if you are looking for a real deal, get this PCB, source the parts yourself, and get crackin. The parts list is 99% similar to the r1.01 boards which is in a BOM on the main page. There is a guide for assembling the v1.0 boards there as well! (props to sealion). Finally, there are lots of stories on the forum about people making this, too.


Pre-Programmed Atmega 164p

BRACE YOURSELF: This is an MCU pre-loaded with Version 3 WTPA v1 firmware. If you're sourcing all the parts for a WTPA PCB or engaging in some other kind of roguery, and don't have the tools or inclination for programming an AVR, or you just broke your old one, or absolutely MUST HAVE the latest firmware and can't put it on a chip, then this is for you. It bears mentioning (again) that the code is open source, and if you or somebody you know has an AVR programmer, you can put it on the chip for free. If not, hey, I understand. Sometimes I drop off my laundry. It's kind of the same thing.

These MCUs are scarce right now and becoming annoying to order. However they remain a deal if you figure out the price per opcode.
[Wed Apr 7 10:46:03 EDT 2010 -- I did this. It's around 0.12 cents]
[Mon Mar 19 10:51:09 EDT 2012 -- These are no longer scarce. See link below. And the price per opcode is now either 0 or infinite depending on whether or not you can handle programming yr own chip]

It bears keeping in mind that you can get an AVR programmer like this one from Adafruit or many other places for a small amount of cash. You may save yourself dough in the long run, and you will also learn some stuff. Please do this with my blessing.
And this is the MCU you need from Mouser.
And this is the link the the firmware. Burn the hex file. The rest is source code.

As always, if there's something here you expect to see and don't, let me know, and I'll get crackin on it. As ever, thanks so much for all of this, and I remain,