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  • tofino_waves
    Hey Shimoda,
    Thanks a lot for the offer of assistance. Btw - I'm in Vancouver, BC, Canada area about 3 hrs drive north of Seattle, Wash USA fwiw.
    Loderblast (also kindly offerrd solder skills) is located in Germany.
    Where approx. are you located?

    Been dealing with our first move in 15 years (longer than total years w/parents- LOL) A house with leaky roof (and subsequent flood) that the landlord wouldn't fix. So we just moved rather than take the legal route which ruined (me physically and) both of us financially -in the short term - because of the rushed timetable. We had ten days all tolled.

    Had the WTPA-2 been ready anytime BUT - Dec 2014- I probably wouldn't be suffering the literal "shell shock" . We're living out of suitcases right now but finances should be recovered by end of Feb. I'm working on selling whatever to get kit and enclosure ASAP.
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    • shimoda
      I'm in Columbus, GA. Diagonally across the states from you. Got started on my WTPA2 yesterday but waiting to complete as I like to use sockets for everything but I might just go ahead and put it together with what I have. I've got a desoldering gun so if ever a chip goes bad it's easy enough to replace cleanly.
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