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  • missing 3 resistorsdamn those facebooking internsthey could have left out the 10K 5%, not the 51K 1%for some strange reason I don't have any of them laying around Mouser MERCHANDISE TOTAL: $0.40DELIVERY CHARGE:$42.00 ORDER TOTAL: $42.40 not happening
  • inhale, exhaleI just got a WTPA2 in the mail :) I'm a very happy camper at the moment, and a huge part of the reason for that is that I'm looking forward to the build.For me it's essential that the sound device is built by myself.It doesn't have to …
  • yess!orderd For the first time in my life, I actually pinched my arm ;) I'm back in my forced friendship with paypal(like that kid your mom said you had to play with, even if he was a jerk)
  • Any other way of paying?
  • FUCKETYFUCKings paypal I have waited for this moment for over 40 months and PayPal stops it because I have a new card I am literally crying
  • Very classy gentlemen in deed I'm dreaming of soldering those custom pots http://www.narrat1ve.com/images/ComponentVariation_Jul072011.JPG
  • A Euro version would fly of the shelves I think the size of the pcb is going to put people off conversion 7.75" wide is about 40HP, and the 5" height is perfect but I'm sure someone will do it anyway here's an example of a euro-sampler http:/…
  • "Good things come to those who wait" I knew this was going to be worth waiting for So Todd, have your self a nice cup of that "Gourmet shit" that Jimmie has in Pulp Fiction In the meantime I have been using this 8 bit, 9 kHz sampler for the…
  • better blend that fruit-phone first http://stream1.gifsoup.com/view/638394/blend-iphone-o.gif
  • bizniss Todd, we welcome you I'm logged in to PayPal 24/7 and I have been saving since 2011, so how many kits per person, what's the limit? ;)
  • the NSA employee said "...ready to go out the door November 1st" that's in one week I guess he's not going out trick or treating this year
  • My guess is that CIA have got so many complaints from musicians about using their music as torture ( Panama, Gitmo etc. ) so now they have a plan to use 8-bit samples, and have forced/blackmailed/recruited our WTPA creator and his work for this pur…
  • "Price And Availability: 300 units are ALREADY in stock Main sampler kit will go for $85 Pre-assembled and tested micro SD daughterboard == $25 Jack board kit with panel mount MIDI, Audio, DC jacks and clock toggle == $30 Fluorescent Acrylic En…
  • please don't pester The Wiz now, he's almost there :|
  • music in my ears, sampled music
  • we'll be here, faithfully and eager :)
  • Maybe you could convince CK that what he really needs is a WTPA 2, not magic doors? Just hoping it wont turn into a Chinese Democracy situation We'll be here waiting faithfully anyway
  • Is it underwear-Calvin? I thought it was Calvin Broadus. Yes, then you've had Todd for long enough. I guess Mr. Boxer-Briefs isn't on this forum
  • we get it, you love them more than us :)
  • great news! I'm ready
  • yes Julian at The Beast makes great panels, many from the midibox community get's them from him he moved, so I'm not sure if he's got his machines set up yet Royal Mail bumped their prices up 30-40% in April, so check the shipping prices
  • My experience with FPE is just that, "...good and fast, but not necessarily all that cheap" I get it done there that's my 2¢ anyway
  • It's gona a be a Summer Party then http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QDS8XFS6EOo
  • in deed exciting for all of us

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