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  • scragz
    Hi, Todd! Remember when you asked if I wanted a shirt for the code I was slinging? Do you have any left? My WTPA2 is still out of commission with the fried IC3 and the other day I was thinking how cool it would be to have a memento of my party time besides this bag of parts on my bench guiltily staring at me. I'll get around to fixing it eventually! Anyways, if you still have an L or XL left for me that would be so cool. My address is 699 W Macarthur Blvd Apt 4, Oakland, CA 94609, I would paypal you some bucks for shipping.

    Thanks, Todd! You're the best.
    September 2015 Comment
  • green me up if you can Todd, Lorne Hammond.  I will make one but fuck it I'd like to play one you made.  Sentimental sap. I'm turning fn 60 (how the hell did that happen) and I just might do NAMM this January,  I've never seen it.  Boring tarde show, but teh people there...
    Brian castro said he'd front me a pass.  Want it shown guerilla style or at muffwiggler's booth?  I'll do it. 

    Daughter auditioned in the UK two weeks ago, Madchester is likely. There is this club in Brixton called the Dogstar on Alabama 3's home turf, they brought me back a t-shirt. Brixton market has a street called, cue Eddie Grant, Electric Avenue, so if you go over check it out
    and if you do, let me intro you to pete Forest and punkdisco, very nice people ion the swirl. Frickin nice Biggie header on the site, t-shirt it up.

    And I'm in for video, using liz larsen's stuff from Lars Larsen days. 
     Cheers, so excellent!
    December 2014 Comment
    • ToddBailey
      Hey Lorne --
      It sounds like it would be fun to go to NAMM! And congrats on your daughter's audtion.
      I noticed you bought a kit AND a fully assembled unit too. I'm happy to send both but did you want two?
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    December 2014 Comment

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