10uf != 22uf

I noticed that the areas marked 10uf on the board for electrolytics have, in fact, been supplied as 22uf caps in my kit. I'm sure this substitution is on purpose, but I just wanted to be sure....


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    Same here. The pictures show the 22uf part, but the silkscreen says 10uf. I just put the 22uf in there.
  • Hey Gents. Sorry, I should've been more clear. Those three caps are either filters or DC blocking caps depending on their location. When I was sourcing parts I found some 22uF caps that were as cheap as the 10uF I originally specified, so I used them instead -- they give a slightly better bass response in the DC blocking application (the output cap) and just a hair more filtering on the voltage references. Using them slows startup by a fraction of a second as well (the analog references settle more slowly). In general it doesn't matter too much, but I got a got a little more "bang for the buck" with the 22uF. Sorry if this was unclear!
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