Bank 1 doesn't record/play incoming sound

Hi, Finally built my WTPA 2, and Bank 0 works/sounds great. Bank 1 looks like it's working great, but no sound is recorded. I do hear the click at the end of the sample as it loops, but is silent otherwise.

Anybody else run into this issue?


  • not me, 

    btw I'm thinking of opening mine up and simply shielding the long audio in wire that is probably the source of a lot of noise

  • Hey!  Sorry to be slow to respond to this.

    BANK 1 not working is usually an issue with the second clock not working.  If you connect BANK 0 and BANK 1 clocks via the rear switch on the jack board, does it change the behavior?
    LMK what you've tried with this and again, sorry to be slow.

    Click at the end of the sample:  That's the ADC jumping from mid-rail to some voltage.  It's most noticeable with a silent sample.
  • No worries on the timing, it took me a couple years to get the time to build, you can have a few years on the support. :-)

    So the switch doesn't seem to affect the recording, but when it's tied to the Bank 0 clock, and I sweep the coarse pitch dial,
    that little click is audible as a buzzing sound that adjusts with the pitch dial.

    When it's not tied to Bank 0, it doesn't do anything.

    I checked the jack board and main board wiring links and they are solid (no shorts or missing), the switch positions correspond
    to the right wires on the main board.

    Any other ideas?

    Thanks a lot!
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