Awfully quiet in this forum - here's some WTPA sounds

check this out   click here

This is an experiment, take a vocal sample , capture it to wtpa2 and play it once , then show different clock rates, then send that signal to the audio gate of an Electribe ER-1 and play with gate times and wtpa clock rates, part of this is of interest, some other parts - meh.


  • Thanks for sending this in! That last section is pretty cool.  It's always fun to hear WTPA2 applied in different ways.
  • This one minute NFXX Promo was made with the WTPA2 and an Alesis ModFX Bitrman 

    Not for beginners   8-) 

  • Rad!  Thanks for sending this in!  Always good to hear people using this thing.
  • Well for the less musically inclined who watch this page , here is my Norcal Noisefest 2016 performance, with the WTPA2 as a prominent player in the mix 

    On stage I recorded a sample of the hand held Kracklebox early in the set into the WTPA2 and that loop was the basis for most of this performance with a lot of downstream distortion as you can hear. 

    Not for the faint of heart but hear you go as a rude example of what you can do (or choose not to do ) with a WTPA2 in a live set.  
  • btw - use headphones or speakers with a good subwoofer, lots of low end in this

  • Rad!  Thanks for sharing this.
    There's a loop around 9:25 that's got a lot of great harmonics and sounds badass.  Really great to see this machine getting used.
    Thanks again!
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