Bank B half speed not working.

Hey there Todd!
I have a prebuilt unit, stunning green, fucking rules. But as the title says Bank B won't go half speed with the button nor via midi.  Bank A is kosher, all other midi messages work as expected.  Not a huge deal, not something I use constantly and with the sd card it takes a second to save and reload into bank A. Also interacting with the sd card is a bit finicky, half the time when I save, the slot filled light will start to flash, but won't play until I play a different sample slot then go back and it's either there and works or it's blank, trying a few times it finally will stick. Sometimes it just works perfectly. 
A couple of other things.  My fine tune knob doesn't do bupkis, you mentioned in another thread you were experimenting with resistor values, so maybe mine could use a different one. Also a feature request: is it possible to include an option to continually loop the sample playing from the sd card? That would be the bees knees. 
Thanks again!


  • *Fine tune pot working.

    So upon further investigation the fine tune pot works fine, it just doesn't do anything when the main clock pot is at the top of its throw, fastest clock speed, which is different than my wtpa 1 (i bought it off craigslist so i didn't build that one either.) Still no half speed on bank b, switch seems fine since half speed on Bank A is cool.  I must be the only one with this problem, weird! WTPA 2 is much cleaner sounding, none of the noise that my first one had, plus using a better wall wart i think is helping (a boss one).  Anyways loving it, thanks todd!
  • @austingreen: you're right, I just tried it out, I can't get half time to work on B either.
  • +1 for me too, no half speed on bank B. Does anyone have it going?
  • Confirming MY unit does NOT support Half speed button on Bank B either....with either clock set to bank B  control biggie, just dial the clock down with the knob. 

    and FWIS+W.....if I had to vote for fixing this or getting an LED to indicate when an SD card sample was finished loading, I would opt for the latter for sure, 
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