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  • Very pretty. Micro SD card based?  Does it work well?
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    Yep, micro SD and and optional SPI FLASH (winbond W25Q128FV) with a teensy core.  Pretty spartan feature wise (just controls for start and stop) but good UI and it works well for one shots and percussive loop stuff.  No recording though. 
  • So Todd, any movement on this?
  • Not really.  I've been screwing around making stuff for fun ever since we got done with that arcade game ().

  • 'this still happening?

  • Every once and awhile I still think about doing a WTPA3.
    The more circuits I make the more I realize how crazy WTPA2 was.  It's a giant kit with a million boards, a totally bizarre UI, and a case which requires machining operations.

    Making a Eurorack version is still feels odd to me just because I don't personally own/use a Eurorack synth so I wonder how many mistakes I would make conceptually.
    That became apparent to me when I posted the gerbers for the first WTPA3 proto and everybody was like: "weird controls, bro".

    Really, if I made a WTPA3 I'd want it to be more like an artsy fartsy SP1200.  That probably cuts the audience down even more, but what can I say, it speaks to my hip-hop soul.

  • that sounds reasonable.
    artsy fartsy SP1200 sounds like i am still in the target group ;)

    how far did you get with the eurorack proto design? seeing you post those pcb layouts made me think you almost had proto pcbs ready to be ordered. 

  • I was pretty close to being able to order a proto, gerbers were done for the analog board.
    With me it's never hardware though, it's all the other "human" stuff.  Like the UI and how will people use it, etc.

  • artsy fartsy sp1200!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I'm in. Got a flakey restored sp-12 going. Now the thing about the 12 versus the 1200 is one big big difference, by using arcane memory swaps you can have 4 banks of twelve sample all live as soon as you power up, the sp1200 has to be reloaded every time.  And this was before flash memory or micro cards. Then button between banks and hit it conky!  also the drum roll and swing features are well worth keeping, after that glitch the hell out of it, but keep that clean interface.  Velocity pads needs some thought, the original had a piexo and some quick math to pretend to be velocity sesning but there are better new options.  and Tod, do not underestimate the serious market for any take at all on the sp12/00.

  • Ha!  Thanks.
    I agree it would totally be a fun project.  You just made me waste an hour looking up ancient telephone style keypads.
    Thanks again for the vote of confidence.  I'll think on it...
  • Todd ....check out Audio Damage's Enso - soon to be released, gonna be a sampler of some sort 

    there are instagram shots at Chris.Randall

  • Huh.  Cool!  Thanks for the link.
  • After YEARS, I randomley checked the forums and logged in just to say: Artsy Fartsy SP1200 - I WANT THAT! Thats what I tried to hack my WTPA into...and failed miserably, because it broke down rather soon beyond repair after I shot this video.

    ah...good times! :)
  • Cool!  I think that's the first hip-hop break video I've ever seen for WTPA, so you just helped tick a bucket list item off for me.
    Thanks for sharing.  If I get back to sampler design I'll definitely hit you up!
  • Cool!

    Todd, did you see the new Jomox Alpha Base at Superbooth? Really nice oldskool form factor, sampling capability (although I am not sure how one gets the sample into the machine) and analog filtering per channel. Of course two analog drum samples and a FM synth. I like the base concept, but I am missing the quirkyness, the weirdness here. I think something like this with Todd Bailey tweaks and quirks would be the business (like hands on sample rate reduction, grain feature, etc). :)

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