Need help fixing clock problem

Almost a year later, almost a year wiser, I finally set about getting the party going again after I fried IC7 with my too loud firmwares last year. Today I cut out the chip and put in a socket with a temporary LM324N, replaced the busted switches, and was hoping it would be good as new.

Now it seems to be getting the Audio In correctly again, throughput works, but sampling only yields glitchy fart noises on bank 0 (like if the clock was really low) and nothing on bank 1. Running the self test it only outputs a reaaaally slow/low fart noise for like 5 seconds, a pop, silent for 5 sec, then fart noise again over and over, none of the knobs change the speed of the noise, and the switches and LEDs all work.

Playing a sample off the SD card works right. Loading it onto bank 0 turns it into a fart, loading to bank 1 it stays silent.

I have a multimeter and a discount scope but I'm still at noob level as far as debugging this stuff. Assuming I am reading this scope correctly, the clock at pin 20 looks like it is about 200hz. What else should I check?


  • P.S. Thanks in advance and HAPPY NEW YEAR PARTY PEOPLE!

    "If you got the optional Jack PCB, this goes to a switching jack, such that if you plug in a cable to the CV jack, WTPA2 listens to that input.  If you unplug the cable, WTPA2 listens to its potentiometers.  YOU MUST CONNECT THESE TWO SOMEHOW or your MAIN CLOCK WON'T WORK."

    Those cables all got effed up when I was messing with stuff, didn't realize how coupled the pots were to the CV until I started looking at the schematics and PCB.

  • @scragz --
    Good debugging.  And Happy New Year to you, too!

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