Enclosure layout for lasercutter (and adding a breakout/breadboard)


  I've got my kit ordered and I'm planning to lasercut my own case.  I don't have much experience lasercutting and was wondering where I could find the layout for the case; I didn't see it on Github or within the forum.  Also, wondering if anyone has a recommendation or two for securely mounting a breadboard to the case (besides the screw holes as show in the picture).  I suppose at the very least I'll give a little clearance between the solderable breadboard and the outer edge of the case itself.  I've got some of these boards in full and half-size[1] and I'm looking forward to playing around with breadboarding some circuits.  The general concept will look something like this[2]. Thanks!


  • Not sure the layout will do you any good since the way Todd made the case goes well beyond just laser cutting.  The holes for the screws are drilled and tapped into the side of the sides which is something you need a drill press for and there is more than one thickness used

    Find the file for the mutable euro module tester, that is about the same size and could be adapted fairly easily
  • I do have access to a drill press and am willing to put in some work.  Any info I can get is much appreciated!
  • Hey! I've gotten a bunch of requests for this and will get the files up as soon as I can. But yeah, @altitude is right, you'll need a drill press and a 440 or similar sized tap to make them the way I do.

  • Hey --
    I realized there's already a DXF for the top panel up here:

    I'll get the rest up soon.

  • Hey Todd, just wondering about getting DXF for the jack panel.  I'm building a case (see it in this link), but I still need to put together the jack mounting in a way that'll match the PCB.  Thanks!
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