Audio Issue with fresh build. Initial sample is very noisy. Noise gets worse with each new sample.

I built the deluxe kit with the audio I/O, CV and MIDI board. I'm powering it with a 10v 700ma non switch-mode DC supply.

It runs through the boot as it should. In self test mode I get the sawtooth wave and all functions work as they should.

However, the first sample I take is mostly intelligible but has a fair amount of noise already present. Each time I try and capture a new sample the noise gets worse and worse until the samples are entirely inaudible behind all the noise.

Has anyone else encountered this issue?


  • You might have an address or data line problem on the SRAM. I suppose you could have an analog problem too. If you sample silence does it stay silent? Does it happen to both banks?
  • Sampled silence does not stay silent. The noise is present, and becomes increasingly so with each fresh sample. The condition exists across both banks.

  • Have you tried "realtime" mode? That bypasses the SRAM. And is your noise increase dependent on number of samples taken or time passed since power on? And you mentioned the self test sawtooth works, right? Does that get noisier over time?
  • Have you tried lowering the input pot to halfway? and send a louder sample? I do that on all the pots  because this box is pretty noisy at full throttle 
  • Tracked the issue to a high impedance 1/4 cable. Even though it passed audio clearly into the WTPA2, it induced a significant amount of noise. The sampled silence was of course captured with the cable plugged into the unit. Don't use guitar cords is the take-away.

  • Awesome. I'm glad you found the problem and I really appreciate you posting the solution. The ones that just kind of trickle away sometimes come back.
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