The WTPA2 Showoff Thread

That's right. Let's see what stuff you're doing with yours. I want to LEARN.

I'll go first. Here's a stupid simple knob tweak showing off the benefit of "realtime" mode, which didn't really seem that interesting when I read about it in the manual, but it is totally badass in real life. All I'm doing is feeding the WTPA2 some Mutable Instruments Anushri drums and riding the clock knobs.



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    Here is a quick video of some early testing with mine:

    Easy build, but I did have to de-solder the 32 pin IC.  It actually went really well.  That is shown in my instagram feed as well.

    Thanks again Todd.
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    @bleo All I get with my Anushri drums is a high pitch squeal during sample playback through the WTPA2.  It sounds fine during realtime playback and recording.  If I record the the synth without the drums I have no issues. Any tips/ideas?

    Edit, actually the drums are audible, but there is a high pitch squeal as well during playback.  Did you experience that?
  • Dude, totally. I was thinking it was noise on the line and was gonna test with a different cable, not routed thru my mess of other gear in the case. But now that you're having the same issue... hmmmm.
  • I even get the noise running it through my microbrute input....odd.
  • I wonder if the discreet 1/8" drum output would be cleaner.
  • I wonder if that device generates audio with a PWM.  If it does, it's possible it's aliasing WTPA2.  Be easy to tell with a scope.  Or by looking at Olivier's code etc.
    Did you try varying sample clock rates and seeing if the whine changed?

  • Also.  NICE JOB @bleo and @sammy123!
    Thank you both so much for posting this stuff here.  I really get a kick out of seeing the units other people make.

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    I had that with my very first Shruti-1 (without H) build and WTPA1 too. Olivier had a quick solution and it was some cap somewhere that took the PWM out. Check here or on the MI forums in my very VERY old posts from 2010, maybe there's some clue.

    EDIT: Nope, no thread about it back then. I asked Olivier in a pm. The fix was a 100nF - 1uF cap between the VCA out and GND on the Shruti-board.
  • Thanks Rosch.
  • I'm going to be having a lot of fun with this once I finish off a couple more mods. It's fantastic.
    Had a quick fiddle just now and got this - 
    Lots of room for ambient textures and fun
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    Finally got around to finishing the build today once I found my ribbon cable:
  • Beautiful.  Nice work!
  • image

    hello ppl. i finished my unit about 2 weeks ago and had a funny test jam with a powered condenser mic and 3 giggling kids. next thing i want to do is adding a battery pack so the sampler can be used offline. 
    a big thanks and a virtual hug to todd for the making and sharing :) looking forward to dig deeper into the possibilities of wtpa2.
  • Excellent! Beautiful. Keep em coming.
    For battery operation you could change the 7805 to an LDO and run off 4 AA batts. You'd probably get decent life.
  • image

    Here's my ghetto cigar boxed party. I somewhat regret getting the jack board because it took about 5 test pieces before I got the alignment for everything right. I also still need to make the cover out of the box top. Side note, I broke half the jack wires between playing it without a box and moving it to test hole patterns and had to remove strands of soldered wire and rewire it before finally installing it.
  • Here is my finished box with the labeling on top ...note the skull knob for the encoder  8-) 


    and FWIW here is the WTPA2 in its place of honor surrounded by some nice friends 

  • Those friends for sampling into the WTPA2 are clockwise from far left 
    DSI MOPHO, DSI Evolver and Poly Evo rack, Echoplex, Novation DrumStation, 96 ports of patch panel cross connecting it all, BiAmp stereo Spring Reverb, Linn Adrenalinn III, a PC with LIVE, Flight of Harmony Quad PlagueBearer, Alesis Bitrman, Buhchla Easel with iPad card and Audible Disease Infection oscillator.....
  • My custom case for WPTA2 ... To bad i made some mistakes on the lettering. 
    The yellow is actually a little more dark and fluorescent than on the picture.

  • Wow! So nice! That's a really clear labeling scheme. I'm dethroned.
  • Thanks!
    Kinda inspired by it's digital nature and the poly800
  • Hey here's a couple of short videos on WTPA2 basics, somewhat lame but they do show a little of how it works, They are definitely NOT performances just some button pushes ....I'm gonna do some more especially one on MIDI control

    Rock the Party 

  • shiftr, Nice case!  The only thing I wish the green case had was info.  I might just print up a waterslide decal for that stuff though.  
  • could always ask if Frank can cut you some labels in it, don't know how good it works with pieces that are not whole sheets of raw material.
    but it's quite large and rectangular, shouldn't be a problem
  • First the Shruthi-1 sequence load hack, now this. You are my hero, shiftr!
  • @bleo... It's all thanks to Olivier and the MI forum that I learned some of this stuff.
  • Same for me.  I made a custom Anushri case when I had one, all using steps schrab put up for making case files from eagle files.  It really needed a bit of tweaking but at the time there weren't any open source case files out there.  Had it cut through Ponoko but looking for a less expensive service now.  
  • $$ outfab < Ponoko
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    I always go to a fablab to cut the plexi myself. There you can use a lasercutter for cheap or at some places even for free!
    Check this map where is one near you. 

    I'll make my file available here when i corrected the errors.
  • Dang, there's a fablab near me! I'm totally hitting this place up! Thanks AGAIN shiftr!!!!
  • Well OK here's some demo of the MIDI big deal but it demos some stuff, MIDI makes this thing worth the effort!!

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