WTPA2 Officially Released!



  • Thanks for the offer Todd, I think I'll go with a kit, laziness as I'd have to get the SRAM chip and have to check how many of those rail to rail opamps i actually have left (none probably)
    Not so bad to have a few pots i actually don't need.

    Soo, you're planning to do something modular! That's great. I was plannig to put this one in my modular too, maybe with some ctrl over switches via gates and gain / volume (have to check schematics)
    So if you make it 2015 i would probably just make it regular standalone and wait for the modular..... but i guess that's not the kind of time frame to be expected?


  • I'd really like to shoot for 3 to 4 finished designs per year.  If I can do that, I can quit being Tony Stark.
    So if the modular is next, I'd really like it to be done by the spring.
  • Will it be somehow comparable to WTPA2 or more likely two different things (apart from the obvious form factor) ?

    But I guess even IF they're functionally the same I'll probably not come up with the patience to wait.....
    long enough waiting for money!
  • tracking would be great, if possible, thanks Todd.
  • edited December 2014
    something like the Modcan with the mangling features of the WTPA would be bonkers 
  • @rross101
    OK, you got it.  Right now, tracking numbers are actually working for the First Class USPS International packages (new to me) but I won't believe it until they actually arrive.
    From the reading I've done, Priority International tracking may be messed up in the USPS system too, but nobody seems to have a straight answer.  Guess we'll find out.

    I think a Eurorack version would probably focus on direct CV control of effects and dedicated knobs for some features, rather than menus and MIDI.
    Probably it wouldn't have permanent memory either.  So it would have a lot of jacks and many CV inputs.  At least that's how I see it now.

    I'll start a new thread about it when I get all the shipping stuff done.

    Happy New Year, y'all.
  • @ Todd

    Midi is expendable for sure.  I am sure some of the algorithms dont make sense either for CV sampling (just trying to plant some seeds :)
  • OK so how do I get a tracking number on my order ...its been a while and not in Southern Oregon yet
  • Hi Brian,
    My mistake.  As you might know I imported all the early Paypal orders into a new shipping system and shipped them from there.
    When I did that, I didn't turn on automatic shipping notification.  So you never got a confirmation email.

    That's been fixed, and I re-sent everybody's order tracking emails today.

    Anyway, your package shipped last Tuesday and you should have an email confirmation now.
    Thanks again,

  • Happy New Year , thanks
  • Got the tracking info, Todd, thanks.
  • Ayo.  Just wanted you all to know there's ONE fully assembled unit left and I'm not making any more for awhile.
    If you're lurking on it, or know someone who might be, now's the time.


  • Todd,

    This is Randy S., in San Francisco. I ordered and paid on Dec. 20.

    I have not received a tracking number, or unit, yet.

    Just checking in.

    What's up?

  • Due to weather in Midwest it's taking a while, UPS is showing 2+ weeks from NY to oregon, hang in there
  • Hey Randy --
    Sorry!  I wrote you back last Tuesday, but emails to your menawhile.org address bounce back to me.

    You ordered a pre-assembled unit.  I have a dozen of these things to make and am plowing through them slowly.
    Bad news is, it's slow.
    Good news is it's almost done.  I've got 12 tested units (including yours) I'm in the process of casing right now:


    Might be a couple days before I ship, though.  If you want to DM me another email address I can send your shipping notification there.  If you're tired of waiting I totally understand and I'd be happy to refund you.

    Best and thanks again!

  • Hey my kit arrived yesterday , 1/12/15.....now to fire up the soldering iron and get to it
  • Just got my package from the damn customs Office. Those di&@h*#!s fished it out of the Mail like a week ago and waited till today to tell me. I had to Pay more money, too. (German customs are usually located at remote places. Lika a swamp or somewhere in the Woods.) also they are Not very polite, as you can imagine. (think of a "german Bad guy" character from 80s Action movies )

    But it's All good now as tonight me and my soldering Iron are having a Party :)
  • missing 3 resistors
    damn those facebooking interns
    they could have left out the 10K 5%, not the 51K 1%
    for some strange reason I don't have any of them laying around

    not happening
  • You're missing 3?  That's weird.
    Sorry about that!

    Do this:

    Replace R57 and R56 with 22kohm resistors if you have those around (or anything close to that).
    Do this esp if you are doing the 5v CV mod.

    That'll free up two 51k resistors.

    Replace R34 with a 47k or something close to that.  Your LSb in the DAC will be a few percent off, but I doubt if anyone could notice.

  • Got a card from the UK customs today. They seem about as pleasant as the German ones, in that it's already late, and it'll be two days after I hand over money before they deliver it. All the same, I'm having a mini party in anticipation. Tidying up my desk and bought myself some component drawers and a new solder station.

    This weekend me and the WTPA2 are going to have some serious alone time...
  • those interns must have been facebooking a lot that day :)
    i missed some 51k Rs, too.
    did the R57/R56 thingy anyways because of the 5v mod but was still two 51k Rs short.
    i used 2x 100k in parallel for R34 and R32 for now because i had no 51k on stock.

  • loderbast, when did you order?
    I got notice from customs today (in the woods) but the Klugscheisser (smartass) didn't include info where it's from so it could be nonlinearcircuits or WTPA2. Won't know till timorrow.
  • i ordered like 3 minutes after the shop opened :)

  • ah alright that's what i figured. It's NLC tomorrow then. I ordered WTPA this year.
  • Yay it's my new PARTY! Now off to the woods and pick it up!
  • Hey Rosch, shipping to Europe seems to take some time. I also ordered the first day, but haven't had any customs notices or anything yet. But I had long waits before with parcels from the US, so I'm not worried. Shipping to Amsterdam for me.

  • Mine arrived today, germany. Really fast actually, was sent last week.
  • Mine arrived yesterday; Belfast, UK/Ireland. Customs took 4 days to clear it. Hoping to get building over the weekend. Need to order an SD card...
  • Yeah, mine was delivered today! No messages from customs in advance, just the delivery man at the door, 30.20 euros for customs, import, taxes or whatever and I had the WTPA in my hands. Nicely packed, free badges, yay!
  • I paid 21€ or so , they probably have some nice little RNG routine running that calculates taxes.
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