WTPA2 Officially Released!

You guys get first dibs.  You heard it here first.

Manuals and source code are here:





  • Cool. I just ordered! I cant believe this has finally arrived!!!
    Oh Yeah, I also emailed you to request the super limited edition green enclosure if one is available.
    I cant wait to build this!
  • I have been waiting for so loooooong. Ordered.
  • Damn I forgot to ask for green.  Well Todd, if you can manage please send a nice green case to Milwaukee if you can.  I can send you my info if needed.  I am looking forward to this.
  • Crap, I also forgot to ask for the ultra limited green case.  Order made.  Just now so maybe the time stamp will let you know.
  • Hi Todd, That was a long wait. I've been lurking the WTPA-2-Date thread for years. Since early childhood it almost seems. Looking forward to heat up the soldering iron. I ordered the green enclosure as well.
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    Email me about the green if you haven't already.  A few people already have so I'm likely running low.  I'll green you up first-come-first serve; there are probably a few left!
  • FUCKETYFUCKings paypal
    I have waited for this moment for over 40 months and PayPal stops it because I have a new card
    I am literally crying
  • Ha!  It's cool.  You've got time.  Unless you want a green one BECAUSE THERE'S ONLY ONE OF THOSE LEFT OMGOMGOMG

  • Any other way of paying?
  • I guess you could send a check in the mail or something. Cash works locally. But paypal is probably the best way.
  • Anyway to get an email confirmation of the green case request received.  I sent a mail right after posting here.
  • U R teh Toddster! Sir.  Victoria buys. Yes!
  • OK so which thread are the follow up postings on this device going to go?  It would be nice to track  bug reports, fyi on firmware fixes, hacks, samplesa nd examples, etc. yada yada  
  • Good call. I'll make new categories.
  • Todd,  I got my order in eeearly and I put an order in for the green case (if available) in the paypal notes section.  Hopefully you saw that.  So excited to get working on this (I put one of the V1's together when that came out).  David Rickert


  • green me up, ppal dun Lorne  Was going to build, love to play l;ive with things I make, but you know I'd like to play one you made.  ain't that sappy. 

     shite I drafted but didna send

  • @Oscilloclast
    You both got greens -- David, you ordered really early, and Lorne you got the very last one.

    @bcomnes -- Thanks!  Good to see this on matrixsynth.  Wonder what the comments there will bring....

  • Some fun facts about WTPA2 sales:

    In the first weekend, ~61 of ~250 WTPA2 main units were sold.  Sales income was greatest on Friday, basically halved to Saturday, then halved again to Sunday.

    Of the orders placed:
    ~24 went to the USA,
    ~23 went to Europe or the UK,
    4 went to Canada,
    2 went to Australia.

    Personally, it would make my life a lot easier if you all moved to Brooklyn (1 order) but what can you do?
    This also means that more than half of my orders are foreign, so I ought to get comfy with my relationship to the USPS.

    51 unassembled WTPA2 kits were sold.
    51 micro-sd boards were sold.
    41 jack kits were sold.
    31 enclosure kits were sold.
    10 Fully Assembled units were sold.

    That means that although I sold 5 times as many unassembled kits as assembled, and every kit had at least one add on, in gross sales, 67% of income is from unassembled stuff and 33% is from assembled units alone, which is interesting.

    It's also interesting that everybody bought the micro-sd add-on, but not that many people bought the enclosure, presumably because it's relatively expensive or they want to fit their WTPA2 into something custom.

    Profit wise (not including rent for the last 4 years) depending on how accurate my accounting is from 4 years ago, I roughly broke even in a weekend.  However, using the most conservative estimates of costs sunk into this project, I have only just broke even.

    Food for thought.

  • Thanks Todd!

    And dont think the sales have stopped completely - soon as I have the cash Im down for a kit & SD, Jacks, Enclosure add-ons!
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    So I spent basically all day fussing with PayPal, who I cannot:

    a.) Get to believe I have a legit UPS account.
    b.) Get to ship International First Class Packages.

    I'm hoping the former can be fixed by talking to customer service at UPS.
    The latter I'm not sure what to do about.
    Probably, I will ship kits via Priority Mail (which costs more, but can be automated) and ship finished units by manually filling out First Class forms (which sucks).

    Honestly, it took me twenty minutes to program a 70 MCUs with firmware and schlep boxes around and like three hours to monkey with hyphens and commas in my UPS profile.
    This is really the last time I will do things this way.  When and if I release more products, there has GOT to be a better way to handle payments and shipping.
    If anything, the shipping system is MORE clunky than it was with WTPA1 which I would not have thought possible.

    If any of you have any experience with this, I'm all ears.

    I apologize for not being more on top of this.  I'll be on the forum through the Holiday but won't try to ship again until after Christmas.
    Thanks again,


  • So, I got UPS working, but I was pissed enough that I bit the bulled and signed up for a Shopify account.
    I can now charge credit cards in addition to taking PayPal.

    More importantly, shipping also ought to go an awful lot easier for new orders, since I can use any service that UPS or USPS (or FedEx or anybody else) offers.

    The old orders are still in paypal.  The USA orders should be OK; the international orders will still suck but I think I can handle it.

    New shopping cart should go live when I get back.  Strangely, it's a lot harder to get a big goofy animated gif of biggie right in the middle of the page.

    Thanks again for being patient,

  • fwiw , I sell stuff frequently on ebay and I can never ever get UPS, eBay and Paypal working together to buy a UPS shipping label for a sale, I gave up and only use USPS shipping labels for eBay shipping...
  • Sorry us international folk have caused hassle. Will you have them shipped before Christmas? Oh, and will there be tracking numbers?

    No, the shipping drama is actually good. It finally got me motivated to get a real checkout system. Right before I left I was able to export the paypal orders as a file and import them to the new shipping system. So even those first orders should be smooth now.

    USA has tracking. International doesn't now, but could. However it's not cheap. If you want tracking I can add another more expensive shipping option.

    I think the difference is around $20 vs $40. If people are interested I'll implement it.

    I'm flying around right now. Back to the ship shop on the 29th I think.

  • have a great Christmas, and if stuck in airports try this: 
    <iframe width="560" height="315" src="//www.youtube.com/embed/oiSf083QM_U" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

  • yess!

    For the first time in my life, I actually pinched my arm ;)

    I'm back in my forced friendship with paypal
    (like that kid your mom said you had to play with, even if he was a jerk)

  • No bare pcb and programmed MCU huh? Is that just because you failed to implement a design error, or are you planning to have a few boards later?
    I'll put this into my modular so there will be custom everything anyway.
    No big deal btw if there will be no boards, it just means I'll get one earlier hehe.
  • @rosch
    Ideologically I like bare boards and MCUs, but the problem I had with WTPA1 was that they lasted forever (years after WTPA kits were sold out) and the orders trickled in at one per month or so for months, and I made no money AND had to deal with tons of support issues and most importantly had to go to UPS to ship a 5 dollar thing lots of times.

    In a word, they were annoying.  To sell.

    If you REALLY want a bare board and MCU I probably have a spare and I'd be happy to hook you up but I doubt I will make them widely available.
    If you send me an email I'll we can work it out.

     FWIW, I think the next thing I'll be doing is WTPA-like sampler for modular.  I've gotten lots of requests for it, and it would be relatively easy to design.

  • So there is a new buying site up:

    This actually uses some proper shopping cart software and not my boo-boo html page.

    This allows me to:
    a.)  Accept credit card orders in addition to Paypal
    b.)  Easily sell other products later AND

    MOST IMPORTANTLY SHIPPING DOESN'T SUCK.  It's possible for me to easily print and pay for big bunches of orders at one time which makes everything a million times faster.

    Shipping prices have changed a bit.  International shipping now accommodates both cheap shipping (USPS First Class) which has no tracking and USPS Priority Global which does.
    If you buy something expensive I strongly suggest you pony up for the shipping with tracking.

    Existing orders will generally ship via First Class Mail.  I may pony up and ship the pre-assembled units with tracking anyway, just because.
    If you ordered internationally and you'd like tracking, hit me up and I can work out how to change that.


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