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  • @bleo-
    Hmm.  Those are the two obvious culprits.
    How handy are you with a soldering iron?  Do you have a multimeter or oscilloscope?
    IIRC, Andrew had a problem with one of his oscillators but I thought he fixed it.  I'd be very curious to see what's wrong with yours in case it _is_ something which will come up with other kits.

    Totally possible.  Right now WTPA2 is AC-coupled, but changing it to DC would be no big deal.  As it stands now WTPA2 will probably handle LFOs or anything above a dozen Hz or so (how fast are LFOs?), but it won't handle static CVs.
    I thought that might be cool.  If I make a Eurorack version next I'll include the option.

  • @ToddBailey: I'm fairly handy with the iron. I do have a multimeter but no scope. Also, that IC is socketed on my shiz. Should I try swapping her out with a LM358 then?
  • Aaaaand the question/request onslaught continues: the WTPA2 send the knob twists as CC's out, but does it also pass the MIDI in thru the out? If not, can we get that as a setting? Maybe toggle it by hitting S3 in the MIDI setting boot mode? Ideally, we'd have 4 MIDI out options: none, thru, control change, thru & control change. 
  • @bleo --
    Great.  Does your multimeter have a frequency counter?  It'll say "Hz" or something on the setting.
    Don't put in the LM358, they're not great for the clock and got swapped out on all but the earliest kits.

    Re: MIDI,
    Currently there is no thru.  Also I think WTPA sends out note/on off messages in addition to control changes.
    You'd want ALL midi messages that came in to go out, is that correct?  Even messages addressed to the WTPA2?  Or just the ones it doesn't use?
  • I'll check the multimeter in a bit.

    ALL MIDI passed thru would be great, no need to filter WTPA2 stuff out. If something downstream isn't supposed to hear those messages, they get set to a different channel.
  • ...aaaand the final and biggest manual, the assembly manual is done.  There are some sweet photos in this one.  Please check me on anything you see amiss:

  • And with that, I am done with all major WTPA2 tasks.
    WTPA2 will go on sale Friday.  You heard it here first.  I'll put the link up then.

    I will probably ship ONLY ONCE before the Holidays, probably on Monday.  Then again after the holidays.  So the first orders will go out fast; then there will be a couple week delay before the next units.

    Thanks for sticking around all this time.  You guys rule.

  • Can you confirm pricing?   Will PayPal work?  can you estimate time of day of posting? I;m guessing its gonna jump out the door/
  • Pricing will be close to the original estimate but probably not identical. And yep, it'll be done through PayPal. I'm guessing you'll have plenty of time to buy these; WTPA1 took months to sell out and there are more WTPA2s.
  • Phew!

    Thanks Todd! Im broke because of the Christmas but after that... w00 h00!
  • Completely and totally awesome news.  Will be ordering Friday!
  • Toddster: WTF you get lost for six month and come back to 117 msg thread and the acrylic audio sunset is rising!
  • The clouds have parted and a bolt of ...
    What time is tee-0ff? (Bushwick time)
  • Ha! I'm not sure. I'll probably spend the morning checking everything like a paranoid person and post the link in the afternoon.
  • I gotta be honest guys, I'm personally excited that this time I'm not going to buy the kit and wait a year to build it.
  • @bleo--
    You, sir, I owe you a WTPA2 t-shirt :-)
    Bank1 not working was a stupid software bug I introduced in the last commit I made.

    While the t-shirt deal TECHNICALLY applies to release code, and what you have isn't released, it probably would have been.
    It's fixed now.

    So, thank you!  And name your size.


  • Sweeeet! I'm a medium sized fellow. Double great news because I just checked the multimeter and she's-a no got-a freq counter, so I was about to start shopping for one that does. Anyhow, I'm glad I was able to help!
  • t-shirts?!  Todd, going to show at NAMM?  doubling floor space for synths and nerdy techonauts for that proud parent moment, others are going
    or sell a zillion and get yer solar-powered ferrari to race deadmau5 for coffee money
  • mangling voltages sounds very edgy, like that idea
  • Where is the purchase link going to be?
  • Can anyone link me to a more musical demo of the WTPA? I have tried searching, and, while the videos are all great at showing the capabilities of the WTPA, I would like to see something in a more traditional context. Something more like a hip-hop or alternative-type song.

  • Technically it is after noon (EST) so ready and waiting...

    Kinda can't believe it's really going to happen after so long.  Thanks for sticking to it Todd.
  • GCF  Its more about wild mangling and free form kid606 sort of thing, what your describing is a more traditional mpc-ish sort of thing with an external filter?  That said who knows what a trda approach might get from this.  We is more audio pirate-ish.

  • @GCF
    Personally all I do is mess with hip-hop samples :-)
    The new uSD card option allows you to use WTPA2 a bit more like an MPC than WTPA1, but there's not a great demo.  Yet.

  • Loves.
    Thanks for waiting.  It's out.  I started a new thread.
  • whooooo hooooooo. ordered!
  • Dang. Ordered.
  • Wow, just came on to check and then blam it's right there at the same I turn up. Ordered!
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