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    A Euro version would fly of the shelves
    I think the size of the pcb is going to put people off conversion
    7.75" wide is about 40HP, and the 5" height is perfect
    but I'm sure someone will do it anyway

    here's an example of a euro-sampler

    Sell out your current stock, and make the next a Euro
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    Well there are a few samplers in Euro already (check https://www.modulargrid.net/ or http://eurorackdb.com/ for a run-down), but they all tend to have some pretty specific limitations (someday someone will make a fully CV-able version of a '90s rack sampler, then everyone will be happy;) )
    So, if you can bring something a little different to the party (pun fully intended), I think another Euro sampler would not go amiss (or even just a regular WTPA box with more CV I/O). Dunno, maybe start a thread over at http://www.muffwiggler.com/forum/ sometime to gauge interest.
  • @ToddBailey: ...\WTPA2_Preliminary_Dec4_2014\archives\WTPA2_FW_0x10\WTPA.hex is the one?
  • @lfg

    Thanks for the input.
    FWIW I can make WTPA2 waaay smaller. WTPA1 and WTPA2 were designed to be a kit, so that's why it's all big and Lincoln Log style.
    Not including the controls I bet I could put all the electronics on a 2" x 3" PCB.

    Maybe when WTPA2 is done it's a good idea to go euro. I hear the kids these days like that stuff. Seems like CVs would be the fun part a modular unit.

    The "application" folder is the newest. Github doesn't usually store .hex files so you'd have to compile it. The command is "make wtpa" in that folder.
    If you can't, I can just send you the hex.

  • I would love the .hex since I've never compiled anything in my life!
  • @bleo
    Here you go:

    Burn it into the application area of WTPA2's flash using avrdude or the like.
    This DOESN'T include the bootloader, so your fuses can't be set to support a bootloader (unless the old SD card bootloader is already on yours).

    This may take some messing around. This sort of thing is why I wrote the bootloader in the first place. If you get stuck ask Andy :-)
  • Thanks, Todd. I'll do my best. And if I run into problems I'll throw up the Bats Signal for sure.
  • Hi All,
    The Parts List and Component guide is now up!


    Check it out while it can still be changed.

    I also have final parts counts for exactly how many of everything I have to sell. It's not quite 300, owing to units I sold earlier and having not quite enough custom pots. But it's close.
    While there are lots of WTPA2 kits, there aren't actually a ton of the optional pretty acrylic enclosures. If those sell like hotcakes I'll get more made, but they are expensive and a wild pain in the ass, so I'll wait and see how it goes.

    There are a couple fancy green units left for the first few orders -- the rest are a classy, classy black and yellow:

  • Very classy gentlemen in deed

    I'm dreaming of soldering those custom pots

  • could you post the pcb dimensions, todd? or even better, some kind of file that we can get all the dimensions and positions of the controls from?
    i would love to get started on my case. (i am thinking wooden case + home etched aluminum frontpanel for mine)

    component list looks good to me. the only thing i can think of is maybe you could note which resistors are the ones that limit the current through the leds. so that people who want to use strange leds know which resistors to make bigger/smaller. (on 2nd thought its pretty obvious from looking at the pcb though)
  • AVR'd like a boss. Did a quick test to see if it actually worked. It did. The party is at my house.
  • @loderblast
    The PCB dims are 7.75" by 5.00".
    I'll make you a mechanical drawing later; that'll take a minute.
    The power LED has a 220 ohm resistor, the indicator LEDs have 470 ohm resistors. Rail is 5v. Be careful trying to draw too much for the indicator LEDs; the latch probably can't source infinite current (if you wanted to use 100mA LEDs for example you'd need some transistors).

  • OK, I have a suggestion: for the MIDI CC stuff that toggles different modes, I think it would be way better to allow for a RANGE of CC values for each mode so that if we want to assign a knob to this value, we don't have to be steady-handed surgeons to increase the value +/- 1. Ex.: Bit Reduction (CC19) could be split so values 0-15 reduce by 1, 16-31 reduce by 2, etc.

    Also it appears in the instructions that Change Output Combination Math (CC22) toggles based on values 0-3, but there are 5 modes.

    I haven't used any MIDI yet, but right now I'm putting together a scene for my Korg nanoKontrol with all the stuff mapped. I'll share here when it's done.
  • Also the manual lists this:

    Revert Sample to Unadjusted CC27 0-127

    Does that do something fancy or does any value just remove sample window settings? I'm not trying to be a picky douche, just trying to help make the manual clear so that you don't get these questions later!
  • thanks todd!
    i think i would be fine with just a hires rendering of the pcb or some kind of vector graphic. i would then get the positions from that and could share my drawing/drill template which i'll have to make anyways. maybe you would't need to make a mechanical drawing and save some time that way.
  • I've been using the midi on WTPA 1 quite extensively controlled from an ipad and for me the values are super easy to implement and have worked solid, there doesn't seem to be much changed to the midi on the new version except playing from SD card. If you reduce the highest value of your knob to 3 or 4, then the whole throw of your knob is spread over just a few numbers, no? So here's a vote for its working fine, don't change a thing midi-wise!
    Can't wait for the release!
  • @austingreen: I'm able to change the spread on the nanoKontrol so it's not an issue for my setup, I was just thinking of the bigger MIDI picture. You know, poor souls who might not have the luxury of anything but 128 values! But you raise an excellent point with the WTPA1 working that way... I'm definitely one for "if it ain't broke..."
  • @bleo and @austingreen
    You aren't being picky. I appreciate it!
    I'll fix the Revert command. Most commands like that are just looking for 0 or anything else.
    I'll take a look at Output Combination.

    I use an Akai MPK49 for testing, and with it you can do what Austin is saying -- change the throw of the pot to be whatever you want. I wasn't aware that some MIDI controllers weren't like that (I don't actually have many).

    So, I won't change anything unless I hear otherwise.

    I can probably get you a .dxf of my top panel. Does that work?
  • @todd: yes i think thats fine.
  • Randomly, I just got a notification from this thread - very excited to see WTPA2 on the way. Do we have a launch date yet? We should have some kind of virtual sampling internet launch party.
  • Hello all

    Well done Todd, nearly there. Top work sir, mad skillz, special moves, the king fu is strong in this one etc :)

    Like many others probably I've been lurking here for months (years?) monitoring the progress of WTPA2 and now we're so close to release it seems prudent to check that we'll all find out the release date by email or smoke signal or drone or something are we better off checking here regularly?

    Very excited to see this little beastie out in the wild at last!

  • Something looks different.
    Where am I?
    And more importantly: Where is that party at that everyone is talking about?

    Also: dxf would be much appreciated, gotta plan that case!!
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    Very different ... background is getting darker ... is a party a coming?
    @Todd: can 'text being a URL' be configured to be actual URL's, in this new upcoming-party-forum-software? (sorry for being OT)
  • Let me tell you, it was a bit of a PITA to make the party darken up like this.
    The old forum software had stopped being updated two or three years ago, and upgrading had been on the to-do list. Now seemed like the right time.

    I think links work fine. Just to prove I'm not lying, here's screws:


    @macMOE and @loderblast
    OK. DXF on the way.
  • Actually, one of us would be enough since we're flatmates ^^
  • Hmmm I can't get dick working in bank 2. Can't record, can't load samples from SD. I can do both of those things with bank 1 (or 0 or whatever you call it, frickin nerd). Is it me, or did I find a huge bug?
  • Yes, but it's one I know about already.  Did you try flipping the B1 clock select switch on the back of the unit?
    Also tell me:  in your kit is IC12 an LM358 or something else?
    Bank 1 has a separate clock source and there was much confusion about that in the early kits.  Hit me back and I can help you fix this.

    Here's your DXF:
    There is overhang on the left and right for 1/4" acrylic (about 0.236") and overhang on the top and bottom for 1/8" acrylic (about 0.110" IIRC).
    The origin point is the lower left corner of the PCB.  If you go from there as a reference you should be A-OK.
    If your enclosure is prettier than mine, though, I'ma be salty :-)

  • Flipping the switch didn't fix it. IC12 is a TLV2472.
  • Thanks todd!!
  • So on the topic of euro, how feasible would it be to have the device sample voltages instead of audio?  I'm not sure this is even feasible but the mangling of waveforms, LFOs, even CV sequences would be pretty neat..
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