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  • Just successfully packed the first WTPA2 audio bootloader file and successfully played it back on my Linux box, Windows machine, and sort-of-successfully with my android phone.
    I still need to write the decoding part, but you can now make WTPA2 application firmware into an AIFF which you can load onto your WTPA2 hardware using anything with an audio out.

    This means that firmware updates can now be done using anything that can play an AIFF. Like your i386 computer.

    WTPA1 firmware updates were probably the single most annoying thing about selling the original WTPA -- there was no bootloader at all (some of you remember) and so I had to either convince people to buy AVR programmers (which you all should anyway, but) or run to the post office to send people programmed MCUs. It was real lame. This should make firmware releases painless.

  • Really can't wait for the kits to be made available. So ready to order! I have an AVR-ISP just in case, but the aiff programming is really cool as well. I am really wondering where the party is at!
  • So is now time to voice the fear that Im sure a few of us have, that after lurking here for years, patiently waiting, we forget our weekly/bi-weekly check of the forum, and missed the release, which sold out in d̶a̶y̶s̶ h̶o̶u̶r̶s̶ m̶i̶n̶u̶t̶e̶s̶ s̶e̶c̶o̶n̶d̶s̶ blinks of eye and are all gone to never be made again...
  • @reid ... I don't think you need to worry.. This thread is 4 years old and only 11 pages long... I remember (was it 2011?) there are supposed to be 300 kits already made.
  • I'll count them again before the release, but there should be 300 +/- 10.
    There aren't that many enclosures, but there are that many WTPA2 kits in bags right now. Jack boards and SD card daughterboards I'm not sure anymore, but there are upwards of 100 at least.
    Somewhere I have a spreadsheet with all that info, and when I stop being nerd Todd and become bizniss Todd I'll clear all that up.

    And all the announcements will come here first, and on the emailing list before I post anything on a site or write to Adafruit or CDM or Hackaday or the great unwashed masses.

  • Also. FWIW it's a personal goal to get the video synths out immediately after WTPA2. I hope to start shipping those before the crocuses bloom.
    But WTPA2 first, no more side projects until it's done.
  • bizniss Todd, we welcome you
    I'm logged in to PayPal 24/7
    and I have been saving since 2011, so how many kits per person, what's the limit? ;)
  • any idea on pricing?
  • Very excited about this! I really hope I manage to pick up a kit once they're released.
  • No limit per person; I'm not organized enough for that. Rough pricing is here:

    Although I will have to look at all the numbers again before they go out the door.
  • The new audio bootloader works and kicks ass. It's robust and smaller in size than the old SD-card bootloader and lets you update WTPA2 without any special hardware.
    It (so far) deals very well with loss of signal, low audio levels, noise, and sneaking part of a hip hop song into the boot file.

    Most importantly it bails gracefully in all these instances. If you make it all the way to the end of the bootloading process you can be quite confident your WTPA's firmware is correct.

    Also, now I have all this code for manipulating AIFFs. I'd sort of like to make a tool which allows you to take your samples from the SD card and make them into playable audio files on your computer, and allows you to load AIFFs directly into WTPA2.

    We'll see.


    FWIW -- I was even more proud of this until I realized Olivier already did it, and used a fancier data encoding scheme than me. Like a boss.
  • Totally dope.
    So I guess December might be Where the Party's At? I'll go for the whole thing with enclosure and all of course, but who knows, with the last one I did it a few times too.
  • Solidified manual button control scheme and fixed some problems with single-shot playback flags today.

    WTPA2's code is a lot more complicated than WTPA1 -- it's very possible that I will end up giving away more "bug-finding" coffee mugs with this release than last time.

  • Oh shit!!
    This is getting serious.
    Can't wait to try all that craziness.
  • All outstanding bugs in the WTPA2 code have been squashed -- WTPA2 firmware is complete and functional.
    Next step is to include any low-hanging fruit as far as features go (probably not too many more than there are now) and then write the manuals.

  • Tonight I wrote a conversion tool which lets you dump the samples from your WTPA2's SD card to a standard AIFF format. You can now save your messed up WTPA audio samples, share them, use them in tracks, etc.
    Should be pretty easy to write a conversion tool to go the other way which will let you write AIFFs to WTPA's card.
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  • checking here daily from here on out. this news is more exciting with every post Todd.
  • great. It"s getting hot like Summer 2011
  • This may have been answered elsewhere but for the WTPA2 is there a way you could record a sample on one bank and then have the second be locked to that same sample length? Basically making both banks synced up as far as sample length goes.
  • The monkeys are ready to burst from my ass
  • Not a way to do that right now, but it is doable. More work on sample packing / unpacking to "real computers".
    Sometime soon I should make a wishlist for things which will not be initially possible with WTPA2 but could be made possible with a firmware update.
  • I like wishlists.
  • Goddamn this article almost made me impulse buy one, then I remembered thine WTPA2 is nigh...

  • hopefully someone comes up with something clever with that SDK, having to upload a sample to an Ithing via I tunes THEN have to use an app to upload to the volca is easily the stupidest thing I have ever heard of. I'd rather eat an iphone that do that once.
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    better blend that fruit-phone first
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    My guess is that there will be a management tool for all platforms by the time this thing actually ships in the US. Which will be right around the time WTPA2 ships in the US.

    I still plan on swapping out my Beats for the Sample because I really like the step sequencing and I REALLY like swing and the former can't deliver. Where's The Swingers Party At???

  • Audio format packers and converters all work now!
    So you can record a bunch of garbage on WTPA2, save it to the SD card, then dump it to your computer.

    You can then open up said garbage as AIFFs, edit loops, add dubhorns, then dump it back down to WTPA2. This opens up a whole new future for WTPA2's dubhorn-related applications.
    Move over Dr. Sample.

    NOTE -- currently the bootload file packers for both audio and the now-deprecated SD card bootloader format are written in C.
    The sample packers and extractors are also written in C using only standard library calls. They are currently compiled with GCC and GNU Make and are easy to use in Linux.

    On Windows or a Mac, they may (will) take screwing around with.

    I will give free WTPA2 t-shirts or sampler discounts for anybody who wants to make them cross platform (naturally they have to work and do all the same error checking mine do, etc).
    Andrew "Batsly Adams" Reitano and Mike "Comrade Vector Game" Dooley have access to the repo now, so they get a head start.

    If any of you young Python-writing bucks want a crack at trying NOW, let me know your github and I'll let you give them a run for their money.
    Otherwise the source for the packers/extractors will come out at the same time as the rest of the WTPA2 source.

  • Andy "Batsly Adams" Reitano's DPCM code is now incorporated into mainline WTPA2. That means if you stick a properly formatted uSD card into the slot, WTPA2 becomes a Nintendo sample player.
    This works with both manual mode and MIDI inputs.

    Thanks again, Andrew.

    I've got to do a final dummy check but I think I'm just about done with WTPA2 code.
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