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  • So I finished my last contract job this week! And then played a lot of video games and drank beer.
    Now I'm starting to cross off personal projects.

    The first deadline is August 20 for the vector arcade game thing. It's going in a show, so it actually sort of has a deadline.
    The next is WTPA2. I am giving myself two months to have them ready to ship (Sept and Oct) so they should be ready to go out the door November 1st.
    The winter will be video synth time.
    I would like to get all big, previously stagnated personal projects done before 2015.

    So WTPA2 will be this year, before Christmas but after the vector game. I am pretty sure I am not exaggerating this time.

  • deadlines can be good ;)
  • thats good news. yay!

    its also cool that you will be back on video stuff. i liked the "rainbow poo" thing you did some time ago.
  • Hello.
    I too am patiently waiting for a WTPA 2.
    Could someone please explain to me exactly what it will be able to do when it comes out.
    Will it be similar to a micro granny from bastl instruments?


    All the videos I've seen on the WTPA are pretty vague about what's actually going on.

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    maybe this helps: http://www.narrat1ve.com/forum/comments.php?DiscussionID=222&page=1
  • Thanks
    That's great.
    Can't wait to get my hands on one.
    Anybody seen any videos of the new one in action?

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    the firmware is not done - so there is no video showing all the features.
  • http://cdn.business2community.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/09/shut-up-and-take-my-money-9299-2560x16001.jpg
  • seriously

  • Yeay! It's september! :)
  • Yep. We showed off the vector game a couple weeks ago but are having a proper party for it soon.
    WTPA2 is next.
  • Keeping a close eye, want a WTPA2!!!
  • the first five years are easy kid, its after that...
  • On a few occasions now, my mouse pointer has hovered dangerously over the "PURCHASE" button on the microgranny 2.0 page. Today was one of those days. WTPA2 hope and hardware have saved me again.
  • Status update please :) November 1st is approaching :
  • Still shooting for this year, with time to ship before Christmas. Fairly sure IT'S ON. More soon.
  • bump for the hopes that this kit is still on it's way this year!
  • the NSA employee said "...ready to go out the door November 1st"
    that's in one week
    I guess he's not going out trick or treating this year
  • I'm updating the WTPA2 bootloader this weekend so you can update firmware by playing an audio file. I think it's a lot easier than depending on people to monkey with raw SD card stuff.
    Yesterday I wrote a packer which takes a binary file and packs it into an AIFF full of AFSK data, sort of like an old modem.

    Plan was "this year" which it still is. Hopefully in time to ship for Christmas. November 1st is unlikely, but I'd like to be done before Thanksgiving.
  • exciting...... So with WPTA2 almost out of the door... what's next? WPTA3? a eurorack version :)
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    almost out the door :)
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  • I love you guys.
  • Yearly reminder that my WTPA2 is sitting in the studio and ready for any and all beta testing that might be helpful to you, Todd!
  • I'm positive that a WTPA-2 wouldn't hurt anyone (on the forum's) feelings at all whatsoever ;)
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    Cool! Checked back in from time to time. I have gone modular (5u) and the wtpa would be a welcome device to add to the setup.

    Todd - I forgot - was there a way to cv controll the wtap2?

    EDIT: Just found the teaser picks. CV IN!!! Yussss!!!

    the next question - would be possivle to assign the cv to different functions or will it be a fixed connection to samplerate?

    Can't wait!
  • The CV in WTPA2 feeds a VCO directly; the VCO is typically the master clock for the sampler and controls sample rate.
    If you wanted to control other parameters of WTPA2 with a CV, you could do it but you'd need a CV-to-MIDI converter.
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