WTPA 2.0 date



  • No they are kits! not? euh?
  • "Price And Availability:
    300 units are ALREADY in stock
    Main sampler kit will go for $85
    Pre-assembled and tested micro SD daughterboard == $25
    Jack board kit with panel mount MIDI, Audio, DC jacks and clock toggle == $30
    Fluorescent Acrylic Enclosure kit with pre-drilled and tapped sides, support standoffs, bolt-on rubber feet, LED extenders, screws and nuts == $75
    So, your sampler kit can be anywhere from 85 to 215 depending on how baller you are, OR -->

    Pre-Assembly and Testing:
    WTPA2 can be bought as a finished unit! Half a dozen or so are already done.
    Includes every option available on standard WTPA2, as well as:
    Additional "Narrat1ve Only" LEDs, Knobs, anodized hardware and laser cut parts
    Custom colors (ie: hot pink) available
    Assembled in Brooklyn. All circuits and firmware tested/guaranteed by yours truly
    $450 until I get sick of making these, then that goes up"

    ..that's what he said
  • President's Day bump - as in ready to spend some presidents to get a kit!
  • Ha! WTPA2: Codename "Benjamins"
  • Any update, Todd?
  • I just started this contract where I do secret stuff. Literally. So WTPA2 got pushed off again.
    But it does have to get done, so it will get done -- hopefully sooner rather than later. Vague as usual, apologies.
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    Meanwhile in the Narr1tive Nerd Camp...

  • granular sound is blue, wtpa2 shrinks humans and absorbs them into the audio spectrum, but its fun.
  • Well 2015 is ok too ;)
  • My guess is that CIA have got so many complaints from musicians about using their music as torture ( Panama, Gitmo etc. )
    so now they have a plan to use 8-bit samples, and have forced/blackmailed/recruited our WTPA creator and his work for this purpose
    Apparently John O. Brennan was at a party at CK's new house in The Hamptons, and was very impressed with the magic doors

    I am worried that WTPA soon will be military equipment, and illegal to own or use for civilians

    Please, anybody in Virginia, near Langley, give them some of their own medicine and play "Welcome to the Jungle" on 11 outside their HQ until they let Todd go, to finish the WTPA2

    I could just be an European that have read/watched too many 9.11 conspiracy theories

    I guess the shrinking explanation is more plausible
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    i'm sorry but we can neither confirm nor deny the existence of a device referred to as WTPA2. you have no need to know - but we strictly advise you to keep a classified amount of cash stored in an easily accessible place, in case something like this should suddenly be made available to the general public (hypothetically speaking)
  • I love you guys.
  • So, please, don't say anything here that gets you killed.
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    or was it that other guy, yeah that's right, it was BoddTailey, I always get them confused.
  • "Bodd Tailey" is the ironic-sounding name of my new synth-core, 80's nostalgia group.
    Yes, I logged in just to say that.
  • You need a singer, holler at a player.
  • How's it going Todd? Any ETA? One quarter of the way into 2014...
  • Well, there hasn't been any progress on WTPA since I went into weird defense world, but a secret I feel safe telling you: it does definitely make me homesick for own bench. For lots of reasons.
  • can you post a picture of your bench there?
    ..or is that secret?
  • I would get busted REAL HARD if I tried that. Also, it's not as cool as my bench at home, which is a bummer. Although there are some embarrassingly expensive scopes there.
  • So the CIA is going to use 8 bit sounds for interrogation now?
  • You know with all these cost cutting measures in the military, they were like, how do we record confessions on the cheap...
  • Whoa, did Batsly get you a job at his "shop?"
  • That's classified, son :-)
  • is it really four years on?
  • More or less. WTPA1 kits sold out on Friday November 20, 2009. The last bare version 1 PCB shipped out on March 19, 2012.
  • Will there be a party this summer?
  • i am asking myself the same question.
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