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  • I already own an AVR ISP mk 2 that I bought to upgrade some firmware once. I never got around to using it. The last essay of my degree is due in about 10hrs! So I might have some time on my hands after today. :D

    You doing what you enjoy is really inspirational. I have a tendency to leave my projects on the shelf. I used to get bummed out about completing things, because after they were done I kind of expected things to just happen for me, or become disappointed with the result. I have come to the realisation that life is not easy, and the work is never done. But its a hell of a lot more fun if you do what you love.

    A very sincere thanks Todd!

    Can't wait to see the WTPA 2.0
  • Make small goals. Then nail them shits. Once they're done, who cares if you leave them on the shelf.
    Best of luck, and thanks!
  • So --
    WTPA2's audio engine is completely re-written. It's a hell of a lot faster than it was. It also makes more sense, and can do some things that it SHOULD HAVE been able to do before.
    For instance, before if you made a granular array, you may have noticed that you could only move FORWARD through it. Which is stupid, since you can make normal samples play backwards as well as forwards.
    That's fixed now. While I was at it I made it so you could divide the speed by numbers other than 2. It's not a button yet, but the way the code worked it was silly to just have "half time" when it's just as easy to allow for t/3, t/4, etc etc.
    Plus you can actually control the beast now -- you can actually turn knobs and adjust parameters rather than having to hit a button every time, etc
    Movin' on up.
  • stomp dem bugs, load that card, lift that bale, more beer, here here Rah Todd!
  • Hi, after more than a year of spying, I think it's time to say hello. Count me in! We're almost there!
  • Still anxious for this release, hope it is soon!
  • Long time listener, first time caller.
    Also wanted to share enthusiasm for the WTPA2, can't wait!
    New developments are sounding great.
  • Thanks guys!
    I ended up getting some client work this week which is why I haven't been posting. It's all gotta ship by Friday though. Then I'm in Ohio for a week for Thanksgiving. But after that, I'm back on WTPA2.
    I'll keep you posted!
  • got my picture taken with santa and he asked me what i wanted for 'mas, told him to help out todd bailey on his wtpa2...

    best wishes to all.
  • Ho Ho Ho--
    I think all I have left now is to integrate Andrew "Batsly Adams" Reitano's Nintendo player code into the mainline and then it's done.
    I'll let you know as things fall out,
  • this sounds promising. i can't wait.
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    And let me tell you, that Batsly Adams is one fly player indeed!
  • great ... what's with the nintendo code?
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    I hear the sound of elves with hammers. Interrupted by jagermeister shots
  • Saw that Batsly vid explaining the sega thing he uses for live video. Interesting.
  • tip tip tip, tap, tap?
  • The Nintendo code allows the WTPA2 to play dpcm samples at the same playback rate as the OG NES. Think "doubledribble."

  • sounds great.
    i guess it will be "next summer" soon :)
  • New Year. Will this be the year of WTPA2?
  • I almost impulse bought an Akai MPX8 then I remembered I'm only a download away from having a WTPA2, which is wayyyy better!!! 2014!!!!
  • Hey Boys. It will be the year of WTPA2.
    I'm at home in Ohio right now; my mom just had surgery and I'm shoveling snow and playing errand boy.
    Supposedly I have a contract waiting for me when I get back, but it's starting to seem pretty flakey. Which honestly I don't mind.
    Holler, and Happy 2014,
  • Hope your mom is alright. HAPPY WTPA2014!
  • Had a good family Christmas myself
  • Some kind of count-down or target date would help manage my expectations :)
  • Ha! I know it. Things are going great here -- meaning work is pretty non existent right now. I've been pretty good about cranking through personal projects, and WTPA2 is on that list.
    That's not really a date, I know.
  • Ha! Encouraging and yet maddenenly imprecise :)
  • Seriously anxious for the release of the kits!
  • yeah i wonder how that list is doing.
  • not kit. finished boxes, already built, we is hangin on the final code.
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