WTPA 2.0 date



  • great news todd,

    I cant wait,

    new vids would be welcome to drool over while you wrap up all the trimmings :)


  • I see a few threads regarding CV mods for the WPTA 1. Is there any info around on what might be CV-able on WPTA 2? I've acquired a small Euro system whilst waiting. ;)
  • WTPA2 has a VCO which controls the sample clock. I've used the prototypes with modular systems before.
  • unloading frustrations onto someone more than likely isnt going to make them move quicker or/to get you what you want any faster. im glad more peeps are getting on the bandwagon.. there are 300 to go around! keep on brother.
  • Hi Todd, Thanks for add to list. I lurk in here every once in a while to check up on WTPA2. I love to see the same characters appearing here as my favourite haunts (mutable, gearslutz, muffs, etc). Sounds like the goal line is approaching! Please count me in for a unit, if this is the correct way to do it. Voltage controlled clock sounds awweeeeessooooooo-me awsme asm. Good luck!
  • Hi Todd,
    Thanks for the add as well, I will patiently wait for you to finish v.2 when you get the time. Please count me in for one!
  • Thanks for add to list.
    You can count me for two pcs if possible.
  • I want to be part of the party too! If not for any other reason, so I can tell my grandchildren about this wonderful machine, and that I was on the list...which I now hope to be. Seriously, what I really dream of, is not only to tell them about it, but giving them a hands- on experience pushing buttons and turning knobs, and maybe I have forgotten a sample from the old days and we' ll go a trip down memory lane, me telling about the waiting, the Great Expectations and all the fun we had being able to hear even the faintest of changes in the sounds...sob
  • I can't remember if I'm on the list but I would very much like to be please!!!!

  • If you're on the forum, you're on the list. You guys are the first dibs crowd.
  • I've been lurking. But following that remark Todd, I thought I better get on these forums.
  • Ha! You don't have to stop lurking, you just have to lurk in the right places.
  • i want one ! please ;)
  • Just saying hi (from switzerland) to maintain the pressure :)
    The people can't wait !!!

    (A couple times a year I'm thinking that events like NAMM or Musikmesse would be way way more exciting with products like yours...)
  • Thanks! Keep up the pressure. Maybe one day I'll make it to NAMM...
  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cdgMWtS5i4A
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    How Calvins house doing? He probably wants to be in there by summer ...
  • What Calvin wants is difficult to fathom. He seems a nice enough guy, though sometimes from a different world.
    This job is the hardest thing I've ever done with electronics -- although a lot of the hard stuff is not really the electronics.
    I sure hope he moves in soon.

    Working on a new video synth today. I was out touring National Semiconductor (TI) and one of their engineers gave me a hot tip on phase shifting.

  • Hi. Only discovered WTPA/WTPA2 recently. I would like to purchase a ready built unit as soon as they are ready to go. Hopefully not long now as I've been scouring the net and there does not appear to be anything else quite like them. Cheers.
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    Hi, i'm here to register my interest and get on the waiting list. And also to, erm, Build Up the Pressure!


    (edit: not sure how to directly insert a youtube video, but anyway I recommend you check out the link it's a big favourite of mine)
  • We need WPTA2!
    Calvin give us Todd back!
  • He's greedy, it's true. But his doors should be done this summer.
  • @Todd I'd love to be on the waiting list for a WTPA2 as well, unfortunately I 'missed the party' the first time around ;)
  • Is it underwear-Calvin?
    I thought it was Calvin Broadus.
    Yes, then you've had Todd for long enough.

    I guess Mr. Boxer-Briefs isn't on this forum
  • I would like to be get in to waiting list too.
  • Hey guys, you're in.
    Just for clarification, there's not a sign up sheet or anything. WTPA2 will get announced on the forum first, then in an email to anybody who's written me about it.

    I'm pretty sure even if everybody on the forum ordered a WTPA2 I'd still be in good shape for stock, so not to worry.
  • I'm still trippin out on WTPA 1! It's all over my trax's!

  • Hey Todd,

    I guess that you may be in increasing demand after the Calvin project is finished? please...squeeze in WTPA2 afore you get sucked into another mammoth bespoke door job ;)

    WTPA2 is gonna be my last bit of sampling kit...sooo looking forward to it!

    Best of luck/courage for the end run at Calvin's
  • Thanks so much! I could definitely use the luck.
  • Maybe you could convince CK that what he really needs is a WTPA 2, not magic doors?
    Just hoping it wont turn into a Chinese Democracy situation
    We'll be here waiting faithfully anyway
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