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    Thanks for keepin us posted Todd. I think that's the worst part about
    being patient is the wondering. Met Peter Blasser last weekend. What
    a cool guy. He knows where the party is at. The Plumbutter and the
    Cortex Arm32 based Shnth were *insert superlative here:* Nicholas
    Collins was great as emcee and noise maker. And... if anyone was
    thinking about getting anything from Elektron they're having a 20%
    off sale til oct 30. Because either the $ exchange is better or there's
    something new coming In Nov/Dec? Says 2012 release. CV 1-4? Hmmm.

  • Peter is a great guy and a real wizard, and Nic is a real trooper.
    Thanks for the kind words. Work is still nuts but slowing down, so while it is unlikely I'll have a big block of time to give to WTPA2, it's likely I'll be able to sneak some hours in on slow days.

    The current standard issue WTPA2 case is black and yellow. Probably won't get into custom colors for the early units at least.
    And shipping to the UK is cool -- lots of WTPA1 units live there.
  • ^^Post number 303. Just sayin'.
  • Peace and blessings to you Todd, hoping all is well in life, business, and WTPA2 Development! Happy November 7th...
  • Thanks! It's a good day for an Ohio boy today.
  • Hey
    Just doing my daily check in to see if there has been any updates.
    Can't wait to get my hands on one the new WTPAs!!!
    This may be covered somewhere else but is there an overview of all the features that the new units will have?

  • This thread has been reference as the 'feature list', don't know how current it is though

  • all I want for christmaaaaaaaaaas is my 2wtpa? front teef. mi 2frnt teef, mi2frntteaf.
    soberly yers and eying tht dumb new elktron synth..
  • WAKEUP!!!!!!!! everybody!
    given up on nagging Todd about the date??
  • hell NOOO!
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    Aren't we ALL wondering...What's left "to-do" on the WTPA-2
    firmware "to-don't" list? :D Is there a mandatory "break-in" period
    where ya need to leave it running 24/7 -for a period of months/years-
    to burn in the circuitry, so as the firmware is rock solid? I'm joking
    again. Has any one of the lucky souls that got one last year - reported
    any major probs? Who do we need to scrap with...everyone in the
    Hamptons... The robots? ;)
  • I have one of em in my house. I'm pretty sure it was just WTPA1 firm in a WTPA2 body... can't confirm since I went and loaded Batsly Adams' DPCM code on shortly after receiving it. But yeah, I'm ready to beta the eff out of this thang. :)
  • Hey guys,

    @bleo -- you _had_ WTPA2 firmware :-)
    By now it's pretty different though.

    @tofino -- You don't want to scrap with those robots. Every weekend I barely escape with my life.
    Here are some pics from Calvin's house, sometime last week around sunset:


    I'm scoping out the power-line communication on the first real prototype opening in the house. There are only a few smaller doors in that photo, but you can get a sense of scale. They weigh like 1500lbs, and there are 70 of them. And you should see the bootloader on them...

    I haven't forgotten about WTPA2, honest.

  • _HAD_! DOHHHHHHH!!!! :D
  • bumps for bumps sake, and for sake, which is nice to drink. wtpa2 news prod...
  • Oh, about the same. In the meantime I can send you more pictures of Calvin Klein's robot doors if you want.
    I just re-designed a power-line communication circuit which is pretty badass. Communicates over a live rail, works in the presence of motor noise, 100,000pF of stray capacitance, all kinds of inductive rings, etc etc.
    Doesn't sample for shit, though.
  • PLEASE make the wtpa available. PLEASE!

    Also Todd: I think YOU would be the person to recreate the EMU sp1200 on wtpa basis - any chance of seeing a lofi drum machine / sampler from you in the future? Maybe you could collab with mutable instruments on this one?
  • So how is Calvin Klein doing? He should be getting into is home by now? It's cold outside!
  • A happy, creative, energetic, thoughtful and loving new year to you all and your loved ones! Hope this year will bring us a follow-up party?!
    @Todd: sincere best wishes and hope you'll find the time! Keep on keepin' on!
  • To be honest, as much as I would love to have a WTPA2 I think Todd has earned a pass from me. The first one was a blast and the community here is great, never a dull moment. The fact that he is busy putting in big ass robot doors for Calvin Klein is a mighty big trump card (and a fine conversation starter as well) so I have no right to whine about a release date. GO BUILD THEM DOORS!!
  • You guys are really too kind.
    It's true that my professional life has been busy, but it's also true that I started this career because I liked electronics. After Calvin Klein's house is done OR turns into foam on the sea OR whatever, I will still (hopefully) like electronics.
    It's possible, I guess, that I will always have more-than-full-time employment for the rest of my career, but I sincerely doubt that. WTPA2 will still be there. And the remains that I have 300 of these things in boxes. I can't exactly throw them in a dumpster.

    FWIW, those doors HAVE to get done this year or my client is out of a job. They're telling me March / April, so the summertime is at least believable.

    Also, the robot door house is a BEACH house. He'll only be in it a couple months a year. Talk about trickle down economics.
  • 'money talks, bullshit walks' though 'money is the root of all evil'. get that rich uckers doors going, take his paper, use it to do what it is you love doing and fuck what anyone else says. the only person you owe something to is yourself (and your parents for making you). all the best in 2013 peeps.
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    The spambots are in control!!!

    Just wondering...and I'm sure there's a coupla peeps who agree?
    About 18 months ago the WTPA2 FW needed some tweaks and it
    was gonna be ready to ship. Then you added some extra shizzle
    -which will eventually be super great. What I think most want to
    know is EXACTLY what's left to do and maybe what's an estimated
    time (general ballpark) realistically that you guess you'll need to be
    satisfried with it and then we all can have an idea of what's needed-
    regardless of how long it will actually be til yer shipping 'em out.
    We all realize time is fleeting and the reality of trading our time and
    skills for financial remuneration but all the same- if we don't all
    COLLECTIVELY visualize the goal in the universe- then it just makes
    the proverbial finish line completely nebulous. And that ain't good for
    the universe- right? We wish you the utmost best but Is there
    something we're missing? Is it more than firmware tweaks?
  • To complete WTPA2, the following things need to be done:

    1.) The sampling ISRs should be re-written. They could be faster, simpler, and smaller (not trivial)
    2.) The SD card bootloader code should be simplified (common functions with mainline code should be combined) (not too bad)
    3.) Granular playback needs to change to incorporate all the features everybody talked about here (not trivial)
    4.) Andrew Reitano's Nintendo DPCM sample playback code needs to be merged with the mainline code (not too bad)

    Most importantly:

    5.) The UI is all messed up now because of the new buttons and feature changes. The new UI needs to make sense (and get programmed) (a lot of head scratching, not hard to code)
    6.) Manuals (assembly, operation, and functional description) need to be written (not bad but time consuming)

    Once those things get done, I can ship.

    The programming stuff might take a week. Another few days to do the manuals.
    So, call it two work weeks to do everything.
  • There's an old saying, There's always time to do it over but it seems never enough time to get it right! I vote for getting it (WTPA2) done right and if that takes a little longer...it's worth the wait...nothing worse than bugs and then a series of Firmware upgrades...I'd rather make music than hack the box !!!
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    Hello everyone,

    All the best for 2013 ! I'm new here, I've been replaying this video over and over for the last 2 weeks : youtube.com/watch?v=npnRot-EGDE .

    Wow that's a great a little machine, I read on the forum that to be on the order list you just need to be on the forum ... so here I am :-)

  • Howdy doody all, just checking I've got my name down as well please! I'll go tin my soldering iron, put a four pack on ice, and dust my paypal account off in preparation, sounds like you're close to release!
  • A few days to do the manuals?!!?

    Thanks for quantifying.

    There's nada like it on the frontier…

    bcomnes said it …
    "I'm sure it's gonna be well worth the wait."
  • @sam
    that video is the old one (WTPA1), so be prepared for kinda the same thing just with much more features.
    ah, and no analog filter (the filter in the video wasn't part of the kit)
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