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  • So although it meant erasing my favorite Tupac sample from the micro SD cards laying around my bench, WTPA2 now has a totally badass SD-card based bootloader that will flash the entire chip in about a second.
    It also has a cross-platform tool for packing a binary image file onto an SD card in a format that WTPA can recognize and load. This means you can now load whatever firmware you want onto WTPA2 without an AVR programmer.
    This whole process is supported by halfway decent error checking, so the likelihood of ending up with a corrupt image is quite low.
    Further, the tool I made would be pretty easy to adapt to loading WAV files or Nintendo DPCM files onto the SD card for sample playback as well.
    Today was a fun day!
  • I can hear the future in there somewhere and it sounds soon...This should play nicely with 3 shruthis, a nova drone, an anushri, a sidekick, bass, guitar, and anything else I can throw at it!
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    go todd go, rah, rah, rah
  • Also, FWIW --
    I hung out with Batsly / Andrew last night and he built a packer already for the NES samples -- I think it's Windoze only but it does have a pretty gui, which mine most certainly does not :-)
    The upshot is that Andrew rules and we're one step closer...
  • YESSSSS! Biggest ups to Batsly! I also got a sneak peak of the packer and it's totally where the party is at.
  • It's been so long - can someone point me to a summary of the features in v2, especially compared to v1?
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    Oops, I found it: http://www.narrat1ve.com/forum/comments.php?DiscussionID=222
  • twiddling, waiting, hoping, inging...
  • this wait is giving me restless leg syndrome! can't wait to get this new firmware!!! hnggggg
  • haha just the new firmware. i can't wait to get the whole thing!!!!
  • i gues the 10 days have passed....back to work again Todd?
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    No rubber left on rims from doing burnouts in anticipation...
    It's time?

  • quiet,
    rain falling,
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    Just a bit of rain...? And Hi-C+?
  • uhm wow. WOW!
  • Oh, where hath the party gone (2.0)?
  • Sofia's. Back door is open.

  • Is that Todd's hide out?
  • @ikke -- My hideout smells worse than that.

    So, as all of you may have guessed, I didn't get WTPA2 done.

    Basically, I realized I had ten days to work on whatever I wanted, made a schedule, and then started crossing off tasks. It was a blast. The bootloader and the bootloader packer for the PC side got done and I talked with Andrew about getting his toolchain lined up so that his Nintendo stuff integrated into that. Then, I got a call from a client who wanted me to make a game for a museum, for which the schedule was the following week, and I did it.

    I know this lets all of you down -- it lets me down too -- but it's hard for me to imagine another way to work. I am a contractor, and pay my bills that way. When a client says jump, I pretty much have to ask how high, and the last two years or so are the most successful ones I've ever had. I _like_ WTPA better than any other single client job I've done in the past years, but WTPA has gotten complicated enough that I can't knock it out in some pizza-and-mountain-dew fueled 20 hour sprint. I _will_ get it done, for you guys, and for me both, but not this week. If anybody has suggestions or knows a great project manager out there, I'm all ears :-)

  • well Todd, i think everybody can understand that you depend on this kind of client work, and glad it's working well for you.
    don't worry about the delay, the solder fume junkees can cuddle their backlogs in the meantime.
  • we get it, you love them more than us :)
  • or they'll pay better, but our patience will pay off, eventually. It's like a delay pedal, the loop time is long but the feedback...

    we'll still be waiting. Rosch is right after all, now to finish the other ten projects!
  • s'okay, i've been waiting on an sp-12 rebuild since 2009.
  • You guys are the best. Thanks.
    They may pay better, but you guys sure are nicer.
  • at least you have good excuses :P GO MAKE THAT CHEDDA!
  • Remember, our beloved mascot B.I.G. did indeed ask "where the cash at" BEFORE inquiring "where the stash at."
  • Wah! :(

    Ah well - C'est la vie!
    Its cool that things are going better for you sir - in this global economy long may it continue!!!

    I bet WTPA 2 will kick X2 the ass I think it will and it will be well worth waiting for :)
    Now what to do - looking over at my backlog pile - eeek!
  • all's quiet on the western front...
  • Yeah, I've been secretly hoping I would have had something to party with at this gig on Friday that I plan to improv most of my way through... I guess dmc-only WTPA2 and Dr. Sample will have to do!
  • Hi Todd,

    Im in for a fully built unit with case , basically the full schbang.

    custom colours>>>Black maybe?

    Im located in the UK i hope that wont be a problem, usps is ideal as there cheap and fast.


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