WTPA 2.0 date



  • :)
    no, just a joke
  • there goes equinox, see yah in 2013?
  • you've got me there!
  • Ha!
    So, expect some WTPA2 news on Monday.
  • Hot damn, Can't wait to order!!!
  • Yay!

    *nervously bites nails*

  • bahda, bop bah dah dah dahap
    bahda, bop bah dah dah dah,
    Monday monday
  • Wow! just got back online after a couple of weeks of zero internet and I now have desk space to build on!! perfect timing Todd! so...make mine a full kit plus enclosure please :)
  • Sweet, myself and the monkeys that will fly out of my ass are waiting patiently :P
  • ............. hmmmmmm, some more hours, and then .......
    just can't wait !!!
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    Trying hard to contain my flatulence!!
    Totally stoked. Been waiting days, weeks, for this highly coveted
    wizardry. MEGA more exciting than lining up all night for an iPhone 5,
    or some DIY synth. ;)
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    anyone else refreshing every twenty minutes?

    edit: 19 minutes...
  • Party People,
    So here's the news:

    As many of you know I've been working on a ton of client work these last couple years -- the biggest of these jobs has been a really extensive home control system involving robots for a really REALLY fancy house in the Hamptons. It sounds glamorous, and sometimes is, but is more often than that a big challenging mess with tons of intense deadlines and frustrating problems.

    So, that company's engineers have gone on vacation for the next ten days, which means my phone magically stopped ringing this morning. I've pushed aside most smaller client work as well for this period. My intention is to finally finish all things WTPA2 related and begin shipping within 10 days.

    Today I've been going over the bootloader; it's just about done -- I'd expect to hear from me on that today or tomorrow morning.
    After that, I will add remaining features and streamline ISRs (they're fast but clunky now).
    After that, I will tighten up the UI -- I never re-wrote it for 8 buttons instead of six.
    Lastly, I will write a manual.

    Kits are already packed and ready to go out.

    I'll keep you all posted on the progress here. Thanks for being so patient!
  • Todd, if you need any of us to act as upper middle management, just ask:) JK. Best of luck sir!
  • Great news, can't wait to actually place an order.
  • this is great news
  • Happy to turn whatever into a pdf manual.
  • woohoo great news!
  • excited is an understatement... double woot!!
  • great news!
    I'm ready
  • Been lurking for a while, but can't stop joining in now: Very exciting news! I hope I'll manage to get one too.
  • Great news!!!

  • Hi guys,
    As of now, I just finished the tool for packing the machine code for WTPA2 firmware into a proper boot image.
    The program takes a binary file as an input. The output is this data plus the length of said data, a WTPA specific header (so WTPA knows this thing is a boot image and not audio samples or random data) and a 16-bit CRC for error checking. It will complain if you pass it data that won't fit on a WTPA, but it will let you hang yourself if that's what you really want.

    The WTPA-side bootloader code has the same CRC algorithm, displays progress on LEDs, and checks for the header.

    I got a little slowed down messing around with CRC stuff today, which I decided to do rather than a simple sum-style error check. CRC ought to be a more robust error-checking protocol and given the general crappiness of all the micro-sd cards I've used, it seemed like a good idea.


    ps -- A lot of smart people have spent a lot of time thinking about CRCs, but the general idea is both cool and not too terrible to wrap your head around:
    For the curious, WTPA2's bootloader uses an "xmodem" style CRC, which refers to the polynomial used and the way the bits get shifted around.
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    Cool. RC16 checksum for OSX? Last time I saw anything like that
    we had a US Robotics 14.4k baud modem using XMODEM in VT100
    emulation mode on an Atari 1040STe. Even I should be able to
    navigate it's SPM - not that I want to- ever. I'd rather RTFM's?
  • great news Todd! So this is your firsth time off in a few years and you are willing to spend these days fulfilling the wishes of us, the WPTA2 cravers?
  • Brilliant news Todd. I cannot wait!!
  • Excellent news.... Been waiting a while, now the party is about to start and i'm getting excited :)
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