WTPA 2.0 date



  • sounds good.
    thanks for the update.
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    Sounds like things are right on schedule- running like
    a couple of fine tuned oscillators. A bud wants to buy
    an 8-bit looper pedal on sale. I wonder if I should tell
    him to hold off for a month, save a few sheckels and
    then get a WTPA-2 with alot more features and functions,
    etc -than a loop pedal could EVER provide?
    When is fall? ;)
  • Wuz happenin' T?
  • The regular. I'm done with a big deadline next week, then I can spend some quality WTPA2 time.
  • it's scheduled to introduce the great change with the first sounds when that indian calender runs off
  • Todd, I know the release is still a bit off, but I would like to be added to the 'list' however that might be, just want to make sure I have access to one of those kits when the time comes!
  • this forum is starting to look familiar ...
  • @shimoda --
    This is the list, as it stands. So you're on it!

    Isn't it?
  • I'm looking forward to party!
  • Where and how will WTPA2 be for sale?, can I get a position on the list? how?
  • everybody on the forum is on the list... i would keep an eye on this forum if i were you!
    (i've been keeping a eye for about 8 months now so that should help)
  • Yeah, when I found this from rodrigo, I started noticing immediately that this looks quite a bit like two different forums I'm on.
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    Familiar as in forum layout... 'or'://www.apa.org/monitor/feb02/glitch.aspx -
    or familiar as in precognition, déjà vu, déjà entendu, jamais vu,
    presque vu, reja vu, temporal lobe epilepsy, cryptomnesia,
    ubiquitous phenomena, Capgras delusion or binderdundat...?
    Just kidding - we're all ready and waiting. ;)
  • All too many signs,

    Any more names pop up and I'll not be able to tell where I'm at!
  • how are you Todd - Did you make the deadline?

    Any progrees on The Bootloader?
    please keep us posted. thanks - loderbast
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    You're right where you want to be. If you REALLY wanna get
    da jump (from your present of outside pole position in Lane 3-
    maybe Lane 4) possibly try the blog RSS feed? I dunno- besides
    being patient -what else can you/we do? Head over to Brooklyn
    to offer massages and brewskies? Otherwise, just keep visiting
    Narrat1ve. I'm OK where I'm at-having been lapped by everyone
    at least 2.5789 times. I think somewhere @bout WTPA2 #296 has
    my name on it. Either that or the one made from spare/leftover
    parts? Otherwise- do you think there will be a difference between
    WTPA2 #10 versus #309?
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    Hehhe, actually my comment was about seeing so many names from either the monome forum or the mutable instruments forum. Either way, I'm sure we'll all get one. The more you move around the ethereal DIY circuit, the more you run into the same people. It's like a wider community of communities.
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    Ok, Time to put things in perspective:

    On top of a hill sits a bull with his calf over looking a herd of cows.

    Calf says to to the bull: "Dad, lets run down this hill and fuck ourselves a cow"

    Bull turns to the calf: "No son, lets walk down and fuck them all"..
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    Interestingly, the young bull / old bull problem can be addressed by applied science, and has actually partially solved by some engineers I know in Kansas:

    Although I'm a little too scared to watch the video on the site.
  • Hi everybody. I don't want to sound like a non-searching idiot but is there a link somewhere to a list of WTPA2's specs/features/preliminary operation guide? I haven't been able to find much. Regardless, WTPA2 looks like it will satisfy my Amiga-tone craving, and I can't wait to pair it with an Mutable Ambika.
  • yes there's a thread where Todd asked what features we'd like to see. and at some point he said he implemented them all.
    look for WTPA 2 in the search, should show up.
  • @6582a--
    I think what you're looking for is the first post here:

    Although admittedly there's been a lot of discussion all over the forum.
  • Smashing. Man, the indie synth scene is mental at the moment. So much good stuff.
  • the day of release will be a great day... and also todds payday for all his hard work, time, sweat, tears, previous investments... im sure he wants this more than we do... whenever your ready, those ~300 units whatever you got will be gone, in less than a week!
  • I hope you're right! We'll see.

    There's some interesting WTPA2 news in the pipe right now, but I'm going to keep a lid on it for another week or so while it pans out.
  • damn, I can't stand it when someone says "I have something to tell you, but it'll have to wait..."

    Whatever it is, interesting or not, hmmm, interesting...
    I hope by interesting you mean, we'll all be buying new solder tips due to the mass amount of soldering we'll be doing in a few weeks...

    By the way, it's all Rodrigo's fault I'm here. :)
  • aha! did he employ you to help us nagging Todd to hurry hurry?
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    As long as the road rash was less than last summer we should be
    just fine, hey Todd? Summer solstice just passed....so we missed
    that one...again. ;)

    What ev's- cuz we all know were getting greater firmware. I can't
    imagine what else is could be jumpin'?
  • yay! got mine today! thanks Todd!
  • how come, rosch?
    did you pribe todd, are you some kind of special beta tester, or what?
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