WTPA 2.0 date



  • Grampa used to say "No news, is good news."

    Any news comin' down the turnpike, TMB?
  • Does that mean that by your Grampa's metric I shouldn't answer?

    Summer is pretty reasonable, I think. I just crossed a pretty big job off the list (Calvin Klein's ex wife got three robots, for real) and am getting my life back a little.
    Perhaps more importantly, the Klein family robots have relatively complicated bootloaders, so that should make the WTPA bootloader a piece of cake.

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    It's gona a be a Summer Party then

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    Well thanks T! Seems Grampa t'wer not t'far off then. Robot? Is this a
    Ralph Polo "Bicentennial Man" replacement or the the Ver.2 ramp model?
    Round one Japanese attempt? See here:


  • Afraid they're not even remotely that cool. They're bigger, though...
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    I'm on the friggin' list!!! I FEEL LIKE A BONAFIDE BADASS!

    Oh so stoked!
  • Am I on the list? How do I get on the list?!
  • We're all on the list! Read the whole thread, yo!
  • dont get too excited about the "list"
  • I developing a list, no, that's better i straightened up.
  • I spend my days listing at GCC:

    So, needless to say, I am excited about the list.
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    Afa "the list"? I thought this might fit the above tapestry-
    '''(1)''' Only nobles (i.e. knights) may ride in a joust.
    If you're the knight on the right- you've just scored a broken lance,
    the knight on the left -scores zero and also a possible splinters from
    the oncoming broken lance tip in the eye from our perspective. .(

    Afa GCC - does that bring us back to do? As in "do-re-mi.." ;)
    David Vorhaus and the Kaleidophon? One of the best synth bass
    controllers to date. I'm still at a notorious "Doh".
    Naw seriously though- Fantastic news about the party's project(ed)
    street date!!! Hope you unhorse the bad 'GC' compiler knight after
    every "come around" and pass and there's no absolutely need for
    any battling on foot w/sword or hand to hand combat necessary
    TMB. "The list" will hold "the keep" til you're ready. ;)
    OT: Caught any "Knights of Mayhem" or "Full Metal Jousting" anyone?
    How about finger jousting. LOL.

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    Here's a wtpa2 bought by blu at bent fest last year...
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    Lucky eastsiders, huh sealion?



  • Hello! really looking forward to see WTPA2, maximum respect all the way from the tip of south america.
    Cheers for making such radness!
  • just been blessed by the capacitor fairy. dead for 2 yaers I sat down to work on the ms-20 and now its been running fine for 8 hours after failing every 3 minutes back then. scratching my head over it, some weird patch, a decomposed bug undid the short or, the capacitor fairy brought the high pass filter and vca back from the dead, cool. Just for that I'm taking it out to play somewhere with the bitcrusher pedal thomas sold me. Yes! Totally off thread of course.
  • @ sealion,

    awesome to get that MS 20 working, it must have been a great feeling! I would love to have a broken ms 20 sitting around to work on. It's always old caps in those Korgs. I just restored a DW8000 and a Poly61 and both of them had bad caps in various parts. Well, the DW had more than just bad caps, it's whole power supply had to be rebuilt, but it seems to work fairly stabily.
    My poly61 was like that, every time I turned it on was a completely different troubleshooting scenario! One day, one of the filters is out, one day the keyboard doesn't work, one day a voice is out of tune, yet no battery damage at all! It was all the old cabling inside of it was starting to degrade.

    I'd get a continuity tester and start going through all the wires in that MS to really find what's going on. And perhaps a capacitor checker too.

    Word to the derailed thread!!! We've gotta keep some life in this forum somewhere!
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    Hear, here N8bit! re: Word to the derailed thread!
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    How's the party prep sitch?


  • Not bad. A few weekends ago I built most of an SD Card bootloader for WTPA2, so once that's tested I can be a bit more cavalier about releasing, since it will be easy to update firmware with new features and bugfixes.
  • great to hear you are back working on the wtpa2.

    the bootloader thing sounds like a good idea.
  • Any chance i'm going to build a WPTA2 this summer holidays?
  • Hmm. It's likely I'll have free time in August. That might be the time to get this albatross un-slung...
  • august 2014? kidding, but feeling like a molting goldfish in stale water just a bit.
  • Late arrival to the party here...just hope i am high enough on the 'list' to be part of the first batch! august or even september will be perfect for me mate! huge THANKS in advance for all your efforts.
  • Todd can I just confirm I'm definitely on the list please?!
  • Just commenting because I check this thread every month or so and want to be in on any early distribution!
  • *cough, cough* early distribution, rofl :P
  • Party People,
    Sorry -- I was in Africa for the last three weeks!

    @everybody --
    You're all on the list. WTPA2 should not sell out right away, as far as I can tell from the numbers of kits I have sitting on the shelf and the number of people who have asked for them. As long as you order within the first week or so I think you'll be good.

    As for the date, I'm still sticking to this summer/fall. I know it's hard to believe but I want these done just as much as some of you.
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