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Hey guys --
I need to get some custom panels made for a 19" rack unit. Where would you all do that? FPE?
It's for work, so it has to be good and fast, but not necessarily all that cheap.


  • My experience with FPE is just that, "...good and fast, but not necessarily all that cheap"
    I get it done there
    that's my 2ยข anyway
  • Not sure iirc (and if it's still on) but someone on muff's said
    that FPE was having 20% off. Maybe til end of May?
  • Thanks, guys. Anywhere else anybody know of?
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    Recommended but in Britain...

    and someone on muff's said the guy in Michigan
    that did the stooge panels is still in biz but can't
    find the name yet.

    Fonik recommends in Germany... Cheaper than Schaeffer by
    400% he said and speaks English.

  • Also in the UK, cheaper than Schaeffer and quality stuff - www.thebeast.co.uk
  • yes Julian at The Beast makes great panels, many from the midibox community get's them from him
    he moved, so I'm not sure if he's got his machines set up yet
    Royal Mail bumped their prices up 30-40% in April, so check the shipping prices
  • Awesome. Thanks again.
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