What else have you guys built?



  • Got it, must be the lighting. Look great though
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    Thanks, all.

    It is the same process as PCB's. I used this tutorial: http://www.instructables.com/id/Stop-using-Ferric-Chloride-etchant!--A-better-etc/

    I use magazine paper for the transfer. I've found that small-run publications (in my case, my college alumni magazine) are a better bet than regular mass-market magazines. Paper tends to be thicker, and they are exactly 8.5"x11", rather than the slightly smaller size of commercial magazines.

    I've gotten stuff (kits, PCB's, PCB layouts for transfer) mainly from: http://www.buildyourownclone.com http://www.generalguitargadgets.com and http://www.madbeanpedals.com Tried doing my own PCB's a time or two, but found it too tedious to be fun (mostly drilling the holes, then the extra effort required to solder non-through-plated holes). Build Your Own Clone is more complete-kit-oriented, but the second two have a good selection of quality, ready-made PCB's, and good documentation to go with them.
  • Didn't build this but holy frack!!!!

  • @ sealion Wild-d-d-d!

    Noise jar?

    video feedback artist Merlyn?

    Future kit ideas?
  • Awesome! That's one of my clients. I designed some of those modules.
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    Built these three.
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    For sealion> Luap (probably?) thanks you for this puttin' this thread back on topic!

  • Hmm? But yes, i've built several Shruthi synths now. And I believe I have this place to thank for it! I seem to recall discovering Mutable Instruments here :)
    Im looking forward to seeing what he has lined up for the future.
  • The next one has 16 filters based around the oberheim expander. Missed its first kit run. Now why can't I get the code for posting tube links right? I dunno. New toy for thomas white is a tom bug bitcrusher pedal and a hong kong hot air pencil.
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    yeah, oliver is good ppl. I'm a big fan (got the first Shrutis back in the day). Midipal is ridonkulous to say the least, its like a hardware MidiOX. I wish he would just set up a subscription service where I would just send him a wad of cash every month and he would just me the latest and greatest.
  • excuse .. Thread Police.
    I'd like to see more bitcrusher pedals.
    More glitch-type pedals too!
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    just gigged with a digital delay and an ms-20 with tom bugs'guitar bit crusher (thanks to Thomas White good trader) going back into the external audio (used a splitter on teh headphones out, the other one to Lars' bitzvision and a 3m pocket projector. Great fun. Oh yeah, and duct tape. supposed to go up on youtube in a day or so soon according to someone who filmed it.

    Someone at the gig talked tome about speaker hopping, you solder two copper washers to a 9V battery and make a cage to sit them on the speaker terminals. battery on, speaker cone extrudes and speaker on the floor hops into the air and then breaks the connection, drops to the floor, rings connect again, hop, etc until destroyed or speaker dead. How many batteries for an 18" gauss?
  • A mechanical oscillator. Sounds fun!
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