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It's too quiet for the Mayan calendar so...
A $9 mic kit to record the party with your iPhone
or use both as a live mic source for your new sampler?

Also if your into something small like a $35 kit w/8-bit drone-ish
type synth sounds (broad descriptor) and you'd like it to be on a
touch playable pcb that's about the same size as an old CrO2
cassette- then there's another one at the same place. Same co.
that came out with the micro-dec a couple of years ago. Possibly
other interesting DIY for Arduino-ists on site. Audio sniffer?
Demo vid URL avail off of 2nd link for the Mixtape proj.


  • Ah the land of Guest :) after the x0xb0x, I dont think they can do no wrong
  • the mixtape alpha synth recorder touch plate thingy might be resurfacing rather soon, just a heads up before things go public, happy happy joy joy, gotta love wait lists, chah-ching went my plastic card string.
  • The cha-ching from the string is not too loud @$35 plus shipping?
    Nice and small and enough with 4-voice and FX to keep one going
    for good while. Firmware hackable (I'd guess) but didn't get that far.
    Ol' Arduino mega328p.

    The rePatcher for Max/Msp or PD also sounds pretty
    crazy for micro-modular (not Nord) type patching and
    tweaking of those patches. Also inexpensive.
  • yup. going public after the wait list is covered. Stayed ungreedy bought just 1 not 2
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