WTPA 1 Build issue.

I know, I know, get with the times already.
I've finally got around to boxing up my WTPA, but thought I'd do some pre-box testing.

I seem to have an issue with/around IC8, meaning less do funky things that aren't all that fonkay.

If I tap the top of the chip, they do all sorts of other weird things.
I tried swapping the chip out with one of the other 373s, same symptom.
Does this happen to anyone else? I think I may have a board issue. Terrible.


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    Neah, sounds like a solder issue.Its not the chip, its your socket? Continuity test to see if you have a broken socket pin. If you get a warble on one pin that's the one to reheat. But I'd just quickly reheat all of them, get a nice silver flow. Leave the iron on till its good and hot 10 minutes plus, then just touch eachs solder blob till it silvers and move on. Especially if some of them are dirty grainy grey, not silvery. Make sure your solder iron is wiped clean and I always poke it briefly into the flux before working.
  • Nope.
    I'm just a gigantic wally.
    I put the WTPA to one side, and went back to a bliptronic bend I've been working on (or at least, meaning to get around to working on) for a while.
    I switched from the 15v output of my PSU to the 5v side, and gave the "sync in" on said bliptronic a little tickle.
    In doing so, I completely knackered it, because I had actually switched from the 5v outputs to the 15v outputs. Shit. There goes a bliptronic (not all bad, just won't ever stop looping now.)
    At this point, I realised I'd been running my WTPA on 5v all afternoon. So there was no board issue or bad solder joins, I was just trying to get a 5v regulator to run from a 5v feed. never going to happen.

    Hence, my WTPA was simply not finishing the boot sequence.
    What a wally.
    All fixed now, thanks.
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    umm.. wally?

    Is that Dilbert's- Wally?
    Or Where's Wally?
    Or this Wally....


    lots of wally's at the urban dictionary

    Either way - nice wally!!
    Or - Wally's the party at? ;-)
  • My version of "wally" was perhaps as a synonym for "man parts".
    I made a series of elemental errors in one afternoon, ultimately wasting a lot of time fault-finding a board that already worked, then breaking a perfectly useful piece of equipment.
    I would say that I was behaving like a total "man parts".
  • I'd call MYSELF a pinhead.
    But hey a shorter form of William (or Richard)
    is fine as long as no one gets kicked there.
    That's too painful. Glad you got er goin'.
  • I second that. I've broken WAY more expensive stuff than a WTPA by hooking it up wrong -- as they say, you work in the woodshop, you're gonna get cut.
    But here's to getting cut the fewest times with the least severity.
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