What else have you guys built?



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    hey luap, i'm getting it together to build a xoxbox as well. i just received the rare parts kit from gaetano over on the lady ada board. looks good.

    how did you find the build?
  • Hey cd.. /thrush, The build went well, and took me 3 days or so. Although it took me a while longer until I finalised the fine tuning. But it's a little monster! I like it so much that I just ordered another kit (A guy in Germany sells complete kits now, and for reasonable money). Im not really a 303 freak mind. I just enjoyed the build and also I think the extra sequencer will come in useful too.
    However, im good at building stuff, but nigh on useless at tracing problems. My current x0x has a small tuning gremlin which im really struggling to sniff out. It's no biggy though, and i'll get to the bottom of it eventually!
    Still, it definitely sounds the part :) It's certainly the best 303 clone i've heard, including hardware and software. That said, not all 303's sound completely alike anyway, so in the next one I build im going to try a different range of transistors to get a slightly different but still authentic tone out of it.
    Im also planning some mods to my original x0xb0x. Namely an additional VCO, and a Wasp style distortion add on.

  • Paul,
    Also look into the extend range and over drive mods, I had both on mine and they were very cool.
  • I did the resonance mod and am a bit mixed about it, its a bit shrill for much of the range and harder to get those burbling about to break into but not quite self-oscillating. lt was a pain to remove the part and I'm not looking forward to going back. Waitiing on Brian castro's bcbox full mod kit, but it maybe good to have two, one a bit stock. the full range enevlope mod is good, mostly for going down to zero, and i did the bass mod but not sure of what I got from it.
  • sealion, i have a dronelab kit on my desk right now. it is still waiting to be unboxed, but next week is building week :D

    you still like yours?
  • thanks Luap! whats the address of the german guy that sells x0x kits?
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    Thanks Altitude, I'll look into those. Im not especially bothered about the res mod, but i'll likely try the bass boost one. There was another mod i'd like to try too, which keeps the levels a bit more consistent when operating the filter/res controls.

    sealion, Yes thats the plan. One stock and near as dammit authentic x0xb0x. And another modded to the hilt!

    cd.. /thrush, Look for a user on the x0xb0x forums called SubStyler. He's very helpful and speaks perfect English. He has a website www.x0xsh0p.de But so far it has no translation from German. So you are better of sending him a PM. Kit price is €299 which is pretty good I think. But you'll need to supply a 9v ac power brick. And also consider paying the extra €20 for the presoldered surface mount USB chip. I can't be arsed to risk soldering one of those on myself! (I wimped out and did the same for the ram chip on my WTPA too)
    I think shipping is another €15 or so, depending where you are. And no additional taxes to pay if you are anywhere within Europe.
    [EDIT] Seems his website now has some English translation!

    Cheers, Paul
  • brilliant luap! i'm in ireland so i'll definitely give him a shout...
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    Blue_Lu: Re dronelab, yupe, I made up two of them, they can be locked together or go stereo and use each one as a mixer for say a buddha box or weevil, and you can mix them in pre-the dual filters, which i quite like. that gives me two outs and four sound units with no wall warts, which i like, cleaner setup being all battery powered to boot.

    At first I found the low pass a bit bland, being x0xb0x hi-Q spoiled, but the more I use it the more useful it seemed for smoothing. The quircky part is it really snarls if the vcos are low, say 2 of 10 for volume and the distortion is rolled back to say 6. The quieter you work with it the more punk industrial it gets, which is backwards to how you instinctively want to go emotionally which is crank it up. i do find the tremelo more a pulse modulator than a 50's surf tremelo, which is what I think of when I hear that word. I also found it tunes in nicely so that you can then work on that slow detune drone phase stuff. if I was doing a mod it might be some light modulators for it, oddly enough its one unit that I'm not sure I'd want to cv IN, tonal modulators is the better way to go.

    But i'd say the dronmatrix by eric archer is the big #1 nasty in my kit, but needs a wallwart. I'd like to have a second one to go with the dronelabs. Did this:
  • smrl! what a monster that video synthwtpabendmatrix setup is posted at 4mspedal ! How...
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    FD72's design case, mouser knobs, a shruthi-1 digital board $ and SMR-4 and a second one here with parts noth built yet to make it a dual. White are audio path the rest are red. Soft touch knobs for live work. Maple leaf is a custom touch.
  • Here's what I have in progress
    MB 6582 (technically 6581 because those were the sids I could find) just needs a case
    A Shruthi 1 with the DSP board and a built in midi keyboard based off a 11 string guitar layout (haven't bought parts yet)
    A Shruthi 1 with the Dual SVF board built as a lookalike of the MS 20 (haven't bought parts yet)
    A Beat707 + Beatvox lofi Drum machine with several classic kits (808, Linndrum, XR10 etc) with a classic boombox design (case needs finishing, but works nicely)
    A Rockit with in built midi keyboard (rockit done, just need to finish case and midi setup)

    A 9090 Built as a lookalike of the 909 (finished but needs some serious troubleshooting, currently it doesn't work but definitely looks pretty)
    5 Monomes (4 built as 256 at one point)
    A x0xb0x kit off ebay (turned out very nice, sounds killer!)
    Super Pixel Bros
    A double neck electric styled after Michael Angelo's guitars
    A 36 fret electric guitar with inbuilt distortion
    A PreenFM synth (totally awesome, would strongly recommend it!)

    I guess you could say I like building things!
  • I haven't gotten to do much diy in the past months. today I assembled and tested a standalone 808 kick drum pcb but it doesn't work yet. runs on bipolar 9V supposedly!

    modded my Weird Sound Generator for vactrol CV inputs on every pot control. One left to add still.

    next build should be MIDIBox SammichSID!

  • I haven't built a WTPA yet, but I have built:

    Shruthi-1 + IR3109 filter from PCBs - this pushed me down the slope
    Shruthi-1 + SMR4 filter from a kit - this also pushed me down the slope with some momentum
    Sidekick from the PCB - knobs 'a plenty
    Digital FX/filter board - mmm, gritty and wacky
    GorF sequencer
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    Speaking of building...
    Does anyone recommend the investment in a Panavise pcb holder
    and magnifying goggles?

    As opposed to just using the cheaper alligator clips and magnifying
    glass stand? I was watching siempreluna's u2b assemblies and I don't
    know if it was the quick top to bottom flips or the long "flowing"
    hair in his Candypants vid? ;)
  • You know, I've had that PCB holder at different jobs and it always annoyed me a bit at how much it cost versus how kinda janky it was. It helps for sure but I'm not sure it's that much better than two blocks of wood or two books that are the right height. But I am probably biased. When I got all pro about this stuff I got one of these:

    It rules, but it's huge and expensive (and not entirely free of jank).

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    Thanks TMB. Reinforcement.

    There's a similar cheapish one -$100 on CL here.
    PCSA-4 ESD Board 520x410 mm.
    It'd prolly be wiser 4 me 2 buy s used solder
    smoke hood.
  • Oh, cool--
    I'd never seen those! Thanks for the link.
  • You know this just seems like such a ponoko prpject opportunity....
  • @sea
    u mean a ponoko "pcb holder" project?
  • ^ Is it really so difficult for you to keep a thread on topic?
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    @Luap. Me? My last post was a joke.
    Bless your little heart Paul!
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    I found this Panavise head to be good for holding PCBs and lots of other stuff as well: http://panavise.com/index.html?pageID=1&page=full&--eqskudatarq=22
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    those look beautiful.

    the comment was supposed to be about the following post
    somehow i maneged to do some time traveling and comment it before it was posted...
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    Some pedals I've built and etched:

    Ross Compressor and Shin Ei Companion clones

    Radio Shack Fuzz

    Phase 90 clone

    stutter pedal

    Boss CE-2 clone with various mods

    Some etched ones, awaiting finishing:

  • like your style, toucan?
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    No time-travelling, I was just screwing around trying (too hard, as it turns out) to get the photos to show up, and ended up making a second post. ;)

    The birds from top to bottom, left to right are: Acorn Woodpecker, Bluejay, Roadrunner, Black Swan, Zebra Finch, Prothonotary Warblers, Yellow-Crowned Night Heron, the Warblers again at an earlier stage, Great Frigatebird, and a pair of Nicobar Pigeons.
  • Etched brass is killer for pedals. Kudos to you :)
  • Mine are aluminum, but brass enclosures would be neat. Does anyone make them?
  • Nice! Do you do those the same way you would a pcb? I didn't know you could etch aluminum. And where do you get your pcb/schematics?
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