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  • exactly what oliver just said, just like on the roland S series (I love those samplers, just bought me a S 770, its a beast!)

    @ Todd

    Mostly what I was saying, if you load some WAVs from the computer that you have already found the loop points for onto the WTPA SD card, when you put that card in and try to load those samples will those loop points be retained or will you have to find them all over again on the WTPA?
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    I'm guessing you'd have to find them again since wavs don't save loop points in their file structure. Only your DAW saves those points. I'd recommend a beat slicer like beat cleaver to slice up things based on loop points you've found.

  • .WAV files do save loop points if you use a dedicated loop point editor, not a daw. I usually find loop points (using loop finder) and save the WAV files to zip drive then import them on my yamaha sampler and they are reflected on the sampler as well. The trick is to use a dedicated sample manager program, not a DAW.
  • What the cuss!?!?!? I gotta look into this. Consider me "schooled."
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    Zip drive? Do they have wifi zip disks yet? Is there wifi SCSI? ;)
    Wouldn't it be sweet if your wtpa-2 (or any other sampler ftm)
    had a USB port with which you could swap files and view/edit
    on your smartphone/netbook/laptop?
  • Ha! Infidel!
    Maybe on WTPA3 :-)

  • n8bit, do you have a link for this "loop finder" program?
  • @ conundrum


    Its a bomb program, makes finding loops a hell of a lot easier, definitely better when opposed to Logic's archaic loop point editor and ableton's rather awful one as well.
  • Looks cool. Anyone know of a similar program that isn't Mac-only?
  • i'll look around for one for PC, i'm sure there is one.
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    What OS platform are ya wanting to be using for the file exchange?

    For PC: Anyone tried Wavosaur? How's Acid recently?
    I haven't fired up Wavelab for awhile but there's a sites list below
    that might have a couple -

    On the Mac- is Recycle or Peak still relevant or has Live taken that
    functionality over? How bout progs like fxpansion's Guru? Does it
    transfer loops points? Anyone try the-Redmatica "Compendium" for
    Logic's EXS sampler with the keymaps, autosampler and exs manager?
    They advertise/review it as time saver + proprietary editing for
    everything for EXS loops. MAX/MSP might be easier once you get
    going on it.

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    @TMB Howzit goin' on closin out da thread, brah?

    Cuz WTPA2 comes out THIS summer and WE got da jump!

    Or.. my brief bout of sesquipedalian loquaciousness
    has gotten da jump on me. You and the WTPA2 may
    have already made the jump over to another universe
    with the technological singularity you have achieved with it-
    that is now way beyond the event horizon of human musical
    and technological intelligence? I think I musta got lost back
    around three blackholes and a parallel universe ago. After
    the quantum reverse gravity coriolis effect back in early 2010.
  • Well, it's true whatever happens you got the jump :-)
    WTPA2 has really taken a hit from Calvin's doors. There's really so little left at this point, only a few days, but I'm working weekends and the like making these durn robots.
    Same as usual, I guess.
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    That means you've mastered the technological
    singularity in the WTPA2 firmware development!;)

    My sesquipedalian loquaciousness is banned!
    sesquipedalian loquaciousness = tourettes-like
    outbursts on the forum.

    Is that the "Calvin" with the "I, Robot" doors (Pt. 2?)
    Starring Jaden Smith?
  • Naw dog, these are my Robots and Empire. But good guess :-)
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    r. daneel olivaw said:
    “Aimless extension of knowledge, however, which is what I
    think you really mean by the term curiosity, is merely
    inefficiency. I am designed to avoid inefficiency.”

    I said: "I am by nature, inefficient. And I break the three
    laws of robotics, daily." :)

    But..if I could edit reverb ir's on the fly -with zero artifacts-
    I'd be a happy chappy right now.
  • Hello all. Nw poster here.

    Cannot wait for the wtpa 2.

    I know you won't take pre orders but I don't want to miss out on a kit!
  • it's really quiet here ....
  • maybe the silence before the storm...

    if you are bored, check out this video of bent sega i made:
    (sorry for bad quality i am getting a composite to usb grabber soon)
  • Cool video!
    Re: quiet--
    Sorry. I've been off the forum for a bit because I was out in Silicon Valley communing with the Great Old Nerds. So inspiring!
    Anyway, I came back re-invigorated about electronics. Hopefully this will translate into WTPA2 progress.

    WTPA2 is gonna get done. Someday.

  • That day sir... will be a good day.
  • Soldering together broken bits and I'll admit I'm dreaming again of building a WTPA2...
    a fine day that will be indeed...
  • so, in anticipation of that day, i know it has been mentioned that forum nerds gets a headstart, how's that gonna work? like it's available for a sec to the loyal and then the general public gets to know? gawd i would just hate to spend such a very long time checking this board every other day to wake up one morning and have missed out. or be caught off guard without having kept my hands out of my wtpa piggybank....
  • I'll announce it here first, and to a list of people who've emailed me to ask to be told when it comes out.
    Then after that, I'll send it into the blogosphere.

    The good news is that I will likely post about progress I've made here FIRST, so it shouldn't be a complete surprise when the sampler comes out. Also, I have 300 units, which at least in 2008 (or whenever WTPA1 came out) would have taken months to sell out.

  • that sounds great. looking forward to cracking open my pig's head.
  • one day my synth will come, where are my teeth, what was I writing about, I remeber hop hip, clip hop, trip not, smallie big, what did we call it? Todd help! where is the party at? we are getting oooooollllldddd. Nice whining eh?
  • Oh, I don't know about that. The whining keeps *ME* young.
  • How am I gonna one up Kaoss-type live vocal sample twisting
    of Skrillex and Purity Ring- on the fly? No laptop plz. Hmmm.
    Wonder how a WTPA3 would fare in this dept?
  • Where IS the party at? When you finish and release WTPA2 I will send you a giant case of organic craft beer. I mean it. I hope you're thirsty.
  • 'Everyone's thirsty for the party- ver. 2!!
    We got da jump and lapped the energy vs.
    time continuum 2x cuz ver. 3 of "next summer"
    will be here in about 60 days, correct?

    Firmware, work, holidays must still be in the
    queue before anyone else gets their hands on
    any of the 300+ WTPA-2's - of which only a
    couple dozen have "escaped" so far. ;-)
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