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  • You could resample, yep. But it would require a cable. You could actually be playing back from the SD and resampling into two separate banks at once.
  • loderbast,
    if you like to build a WTPA1 also, and Todd doesn't have them in stock anymore i could give you a bare board, sram already soldered (1.0 board)
  • thanks a lot for that offer rosch, but i think i`ll stick to the mk 2 version.
  • Anyone interested in building (sewing) their
    WTPA2 into clothing (eg:jacket) ?
    With some LED's you could cause some
    serious jaw drops. I don't have the skills
    necessary. = )


    Season's greetin's
  • tofino:

    On sparkfun they have some nice tiny leds for that thread. and an audio responder.

    Option 1)
    altidue threaded three under each pot below some expensive alps knobs with 4 colored panels in the sculpted knobs, so they GLOW!

    2) on saturday, living in a small Canadian town me and my family went down to the arena to see ah, what was it, oh yeah, the Best TIGHTEST F*CKNG FUnkin BAND IN THE WHOLE F*NG WORLD,
    ah, yes -- that would be Prince, and it was did I mentioned in passing, THE BEST F*NG BAND IN THE WORLD?
    He played everything i could think of (own black album), was first on/last off the stage, zero warmup, and nailed it and sent out RESPECT whith a killer set of Sly and the Family Stone, and did I mention JAMES BROWN's HORN PLAYER
    and MR. Hayes on the B3? He followed Red Corvette with a cover that nailed the Cars (speaking as a synth geek) and (back to topic) the great Cassandra O'Neil wore twinkling led gaunlets that responded to some mind numbing progessions
    and looked suspiciously like sparkfun leds.

    The review below is, in my mind as a witness to that potlatch concert (a ritual gathering where your status is defined by what you give away) a bit UNDERSTATED.
    Simply the best concert of my long life. It closed a 10 city Canadina tour on a high.

    Local reveiw: http://www.timescolonist.com/entertainment/best+concert+ever+seen/5878308/story.html?cid=megadrop_story
  • Any news todd? Will I be able to get this for my birthday in January? Don't leave us hangin bro!
  • edited December 2011
    Thanks for the gig rundown sEaLion. :)

    I neglected to explain earlier that got the
    threads, LED's, n' sampler idea "spark" just
    this past summer when I chatted up a chick
    at one of the local indie electronics stores about
    all that sorta LED stuff she was buying for
    a her DIY Burning Man getup. I just extrapolated
    her idea a bit further to adding a sampler and a
    buncha little spkrs.
  • January, naw. Sorry!
    Basically, I've been working 40+ hours a week building these fancy robot doors for the last 15 weeks. That job continues into the new year.
    I've been thinking, though, and what I'd like to do is book WTPA2 as a job in my calendar after that, which means turning down work until it's done. I kinda think it's what I need to do to finish this one.

  • well as much as i'd like to wank the new knobs, i have no problem with waiting some longer, as i'm skint atm. yeah, probably always haha.
  • I'd put a constant reminder in my calender
    to finish it. Unless I could afford it (which
    I can't) I wouldn't turn down lucrative work
    for work you have already said isn't so financially
    Make hay while the sun shines and all that?
    Unless, of course, you just wanna finish it?
    That's a reward in itself.
  • or give it to us so we can beta beta!
  • Cheers to bulletproofing the firmware!
  • I'll probably try and get some betas out, but we'll see. Some of my NY friends already have a couple but they're nerds so they don't really use them to write music.
    And yeah, I like tight firmware. It's not just intellectual integrity, it also saves me shipping on replacement MCUs :-)
  • do we need to put our names down in advance for this Todd or is it just first come first served on release?


  • Hey!
    Folks on the list get first dibs. There are a LOT of kits, so it should take awhile to sell out.
  • how do i get on that list?
  • Oops -- you already are. I meant "list" in the "listserv" sense. Meaning this forum.
  • :) happy to be on this list then ! :)
  • nice!

    i check the forum like twice a day ;)
    i guess i am bad at waiting....
  • yessir!!
  • since we're on the list, any news todd?
  • Hours for my freelance stuff changed, back on WTPA2 (again) in the evenings as of yesterday. I'll keep you posted.
  • Woo-to-the-HOO!
  • Magnifique !
  • questions for todd:

    If I have done my loop point editing on a computer, will the wtpa reflect those loop points when a sample is loaded off of SD card?

    you should seriously add a composite output for editing (fairlight style!), that would be really sick for WTPA 3.
  • WTPA stores samples as full samples on the SD card. So, if you edit down a sample in your computer and put it on the WTPA, that becomes your sample in its entirety.
    You cannot, say, set the start point to the middle of the sample and have it load into RAM that way.

    What's a composite out for editing?
  • > What's a composite out for editing?

    Something much less sexy than a video synth?

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