Sympleseq-Another Kickstart type project?

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Kickstart type of ventures in DIY seem
to be popular in the Brooklyn area for
some reason? Not that this one is a KStart
but I have seen two KS projects from the
vicinity. Coincidence?

For you modular folk....


  • Only a few left...
  • he's from canada.
    he says it's the last batch with parts, after that there will be only pcbs.
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    Got a single pcb Sympleseq! on the way...9vdc.
    Need I say - portable? :^D Now I gotta decide what
    NOT to use in my battery powered porta setup.
    Thinking about adding a Monotribe and one of the
    Delay Monotrons. I wonder what the "murder of crows"
    would prefer? ;^) MPC500 is alot bigger/heavier than I
    plan for the WTPA2. Boss DR-202 out? QY-10-DX100?
    Custom Babybox noise will be here soon. Not as many
    decisions as most(?) of the DIYers here, but nice to have
    more than is needed for the porto-electrorchestra.
  • Hello folks!

    I was lucky enough to pick up two kits, and a dual Eurorack faceplate! Hoping to use it with my modular once the faceplate arrives!
    Hexinverter is a really cool chap!
  • @tofino_waves

    Good choices.. I'm just waiting on my monotron delay and then its time to figure out how to tap the cv and gate on the monotribe to drive it :) Monotribe is killer..
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    thx for thoughts! Tough decision with portability factor.
    Forgot to mention my Shruti-1 too - to be cv'ed by the
    Sympleseq. A Monotribe or a Boss Dr-550 mk11 might in
    order - Dr550's quite a bit smaller than a DR-202, but DR-202's
    got good features for a battery powered drum machine.
    Decisions, decisions.
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