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The first 50 kits went up today at 7 am PST. Got one. When they are gone it will be a few weeks for the next batch. very cool and Todd helped out


  • Olivier said they sold out in an hour! Quelle badass. Congrats, Olivier!
  • 10:30 this morning they go again. I will be in a meeting, nash.
  • 3:30 minutes from now.
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    Huh? Everything is sold out.
    Nothing available- just "spare parts"?
  • yup that was during countdown.
    kits already gone!
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    Seven hours later from my first post (in this thread)
    and everything EXCEPT the Shruthi-1 kit and it's
    clear enclosure IS available. Now- wussup wit
    dat? Normally you would think that it would be
    the other way around? Good luck getting one next
    time sealion
  • there has been a countdown for the last couple of weeks ending this evening at 8pm (european time).
    the kits and enclosures always sell out pretty fast.
  • I got nothing. I was away at an interview for two hours, I'm betting, like Tom bugs stuff they were gone in an hour, c'est tres boutique!
    On the other hand my jainius russin dragon arrived today, that's two f'ng exepensive leds.
  • I think he must have put together fewer kits this time? They seemed to be gone within just a few hours. The previous batch took a good 2 or 3 days..
    Still, they are obviously very popular kits.. There has to be several hundred of these things out there by now.
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    It looks like I will be building finished units for Oliver (he called in the cavalry :P ) in the very near future for the US and worldwide to help deal with the kit situation as well as the demand for completed units. More info soon. (dorks on here get a discount)
  • That's cool Altitude! I've thought ever since the Shruti that Olivier and Mutable would be huge - looks like he's on his way... Todd you're next!
  • Ha! Yeah, I remember back when you guys were like "some french dude is biting your shit" :-)
    I'm glad Olivier has done so well. He's really one of the good guys.
    At this point there are more Shruthi family devices in the world than WTPAs -- in the mid hundreds but not thousands I think. WTPA2 might catch up.

    It's cool about the cavalry. I have a dude or two here in Bklyn helping me assemble WTPA2s, but having one overseas probably helps a ton. Congrats, Altitude!

  • happy birthday shruthi all 850 of yah!.
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    Looks like they are going for the factory business model and inherent
    leap of faith/gamble. Not that I'd sell it, but I guess that means my
    last one of the original shruti-1 run could be coveted -some day.
    Aren't pre-built Shruthi's like $4-500 now? Wonder what they're going
    to have coming down the pike?
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    Now working on the second board for this one.
  • @Sealion
    Are you referring to that fcd72
    dude's 3rd party shruthi programmer?
    Is this a pic of your's?
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    Yeah, just opened a flickr account and I am so lame at importing images. fcd72's design, olivier's guts, my solder and mouser knobs. The German knobs were going to be 60 euros for shipping alone! I wanted to go arp 2800 in terms of multicolour but they were out of yellow so I went white for audio path and red on the rest. Was thinking red=adsr, yellow lfo, grey operators, blue osc1 green osc 2, etc. I just got the parts for asecond filter boardf so it becomes stereo or duophonic in a crazy kind of way (say different arpegiators and filter types oscillator shapes etc. so how do you link images in, I've forgotten. It has maple leaves on all four sides. Have to redo the leds, too low.
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    Fine. Coulda fooled me. Looks great.
    Love to hear comparison to a shruti
    of that duophony when it's on.
    Afa the pic? I just removed
    all but the actual URL. iirc u
    need to have a space b4 and after.
  • you can get the same style knob at mouser (spun aluminum inlay) for $0.60 ea. I used them on my Filtrex and they look sharp
  • put the image url between exclamation marks.
    nice machine!
  • @rosch :)
    I'm repeating me self but...
    I didn't use any exclamation marks?
    I copied URL from sealion's post,
    I left out img class, src, br, et al
    & made sure I had a space before & after?
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    @ rosch/tofino

    Todd's board has an image capture IIRC so you dont have to use the exclamation marks like the mutable board
  • ah yes, mixed them up (yet again). they look alike.
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