DIY FM synthesizer

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Time to trade in the DX-100?
Or maybe get a Shruthi or two for filter
variety, a Sammich, Meeblip, Suonio,
or a preen fm box and then use said
DX-100 as midi controller for a Lego-like
row of approx. 4x5x1-inch ponoko boxes
filled with various builds of DiY synths
chained together for a 6-voice setup?
Maybe add a synthrotek seq or FX and
any/or of the (now quite a few) DIY projects
that have been mentioned in the forum?
And of course, all sampled thru a WTPA-2?
Can you picture it now?


  • wtf
    and why have i never heard about this one?
    anyway, trying to get one in january. doesn't sound bad at all.
    more small boxes !!
  • just paid for mine, really looking forwards to the flexibility, the ability to act as OPL2, 3 4 op and 6 op is really epically awesome!

    @ Rosch

    Yes, we need more small boxes, I feel like my desk is becoming littered with little boxen.
  • nice, sounds like an expanded SammichFM
  • hehe i couldn't resist, of course.
    i'm on the list for january.
  • Actually, I was about to edit my post, the sammich FM sounds WAY better than that thing, they are low balling the OPL3
  • :) i am on the list for january, too.
    thanks for the tip turfino, i didn`t know that one before you posted it here.
  • i'll give it a try anyway. it has this strictly-80's sound for which my band might try to cut my throat haha.
  • Thanks from me too for this tip. I'm on board for a January reservation.
    The little boxen are quite fun to make and use.

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    Good luck with boxen!
    I CAN see it now. Just like guitar players-
    we'll all have our boxes poly or midi-chained
    on some sorta box synthesizer "pedalboard" with
    a controller of choice. The sounds of HUGE
    pads will fill the air all over.
    Hooray DIY designers & builders.
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