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  • Ten days - today, sealion.
    Nice that somebody noticed. :0)
    I got my "pizza" but not from Brooklyn.;-)

    Still in dire need of a DC powered sampler.
    Todd..t o d d ...echo...e c h o....?
    Baby's had her first steps. Is she walkin yet? ;-)
  • Hey dudes,
    She's doing pretty good, or was when I last saw her. I've been stuck in Ohio because of the weather on the east coast for almost a week.
    All the streaming SD playback stuff is working and fast, in addition to loading and saving samples, so it is now possible to use WTPA2 as a drum kit or more traditional sample bank WHILE using it for all the normal WTPA2 sampling functions. I might be able to use a separate ISR to make streaming playback its OWN channel which would allow THREE voices on WTPA2, but that only occurred to me after I was here, so I'll need to take a look at the code to know if that's feasible.

    When I left I was working out the 8-button UI (easy, code wise, but I wanted it to make sense). I also started messing with the code to make the sampler duophonic in MIDI mode, meaning if you play a sample from BANK_0, then hit a second note on in that bank, it will use BANK_1's interrupt to play bank 0's sample at a separate pitch. Meaning you can play two notes at a time for the same sample, as opposed to one.

    Meaning you can now play power chords on your WTPA.

    The duophonic stuff is the last hard stuff I think. The rest is easy. Oh, and I also need to incorporate Andrew's Nintendo code, which shouldn't be too bad either.

  • great updates! keep up the good work!
  • power chords? ooo chance to back britney spears on her new deathcore zombie thrash trash project, perfect! duty now for the future
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    In reply to post at end of page 1?
    Just puttin a paddle in the water
    on our virtual canoe here.;-)
    Beatstudio 2 app gives the choice of how
    many "chops" you want and then divides
    accordingly. Boss/Roland/Emu, Akai etc
    allow(ed) you to vary the loop start and
    end or some divide by transients with or
    without crossfade at loop point. I used to
    just divide the numbers of total samples
    by 1/4,1/8,1/16 etc. and adjust loopstarts.
    Almost always takes fiddling but happy
    accidents do occur. Drum loops work best
    and are easiest. It's always much easier if
    you can view and zoom in and out easily
    like in Peak or Wavelab- but nobody's expecting
    that here- right?
  • tofino_waves wrote on Nov 6th 2010:  
    FWIW- Totally relevant. ;)
    "WTPA2 comes out this summer."
    Summer 2011? - Ten days left!

    right now....I'm MORE envious of those lucky
    souls who could attend bentfest '11! :))

    these feelings of envy must be eradicated!!
  • hehehe no that was summer 2010!!
  • Damn! Caught.
    The FW is really close to done. I've been putting in 6-day weeks with client stuff (just finished an RFID project, now building some robot doors for a house) and all it would really take is a couple days to finish WTPA2. They're all boxed up even.
    I know I say this a lot, but if I can play hooky this week (or maybe this weekend) I can probably crank out all the remaining stuff.
  • I'm super eager to see it done, but do it right kimosabe, don't let us anxious nerds burn you out!
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    Thanks for the update, Todd.
    Electronic busking is over
    until next "summer" or at least until
    the WTPA-2 comes out.
  • any news todd?
    I wanna get this thing before my next show man!
  • Nice to build one to take to the Oct 29th Pacific northwest synth meet in Seattle.
  • Hey guys,
    So there are still 300 of these things sitting around boxed up and waiting to go out, but I am not happy with the firmware. I added the third voice last weekend or so, but still have to deal with the enhanced granularity features, as well as duophony on one channel.
    I have a big job for a client right now that has been keeping me busy 40+ hours a week but I've been trying to get to WTPA on the weekends. I'd really like to be selling these in time for the holidays but any sooner I'd be surprised.
  • figured silence equals making a living, if it was shruthi style midi/sysex updateable we'd all be happy, but then the chatter ratio would be high.
    jingle bells, jingle bells
  • Are all 300 spoken for already?
  • All 300 are available. I don't do pre-orders, except for my mom and buddies and what have you.
    I would love to make the thing update-able via MIDI or serial or something, and if I have time I will, but I wouldn't count on it.
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    I may be TOTALLY wrong but I've heard that
    700 people (or more, because this Is the second
    time since Saturday) are getting quite restless
    about getting their WTPA-2's - as they staged a "sit-in"
    somewhere right near to the Narrat1ve Embedded Systems
    Wizardry "secret" factory location! Is this true?
    Does the link work?

  • That is good to know. I've built a couple of the originals, however, I haven't used them that much because of their noise floor problems - it is a total turn off. So much so that I've spent a total of maybe 5 hours on them (I built them when they first came out). I love the concept of these devices and want to give them another shot and I'd really hate to miss out on the new ones.
  • 700 showing up in the New York area
    there are districts outside the apple too
    somebody do some calculation

    This is what might happened if this accelerates

  • uhm sly is living in a car, homeless in la, seriously.
  • http://www.tmz.com/2011/09/25/sly-stone-homeless-van-sylvester-stewart/
  • Todd: Can I have mine in a $1million dollar piano? anyone seen Elton's led beast yet?
  • Ha! Not yet, but I bet I could have built it for less :-)
  • he needed the tax write-off? c'est vegas
  • I wish I was there now... but the Hawaiians
    say... Howzit Todd?
  • Taking WTPA2 home for Turkey day for some alone time over the weekend. Then working 12 hour days on these damn robot doors when I get back.
    Will keep you posted....
  • So I got the new interrupt / streaming audio buffer stuff done on WTPA2 while I was home. I think I mentioned this before, but it means that WTPA2 now can play three sounds at a time instead of two -- anything going to or coming off the SD card gets its own interrupt and its own on-chip buffer, which speeds things up and also simplifies the audio interrupt code. It also means that SD card stuff can be happening on a bank without affecting what's going on in the unused bank. Exciting for me, at least.
  • in deed exciting for all of us
  • row your boat on 3 streams at once?
  • sounds nice, todd.
    i don`t have a wtpa1 or even seen one live. i am really looking fordward to getting the wtpa2.

    "[...]It also means that SD card stuff can be happening on a bank without affecting what's going on in the unused bank[...]"

    does that mean, resampling could be implemented somehow?
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