WTPA2 Teaser



  • Yeah, looks like Andrew finished his:
  • There are no photos in this album.....

    Will the webpage be changed over to the 'swish' version when you drop the WTPA2 or will you just populate the existing site with new info?

    Slight OT:

    I was thinking, if people are interested, and Todd is cool with it, of trying to organize a "There Party is Here" little EP/release with tracks from forumites/OGs/NGs/folks close to what's up. I think we have an interesting cross section of people and styles going on, all tied together with 8 bits of sampling goo(dness).

    If there's interest and it's all cool, I'll make a separate thread for it and go from there.
  • @Todd
    Did you ever try anything out with the mlr(monome) mode? Not like you don't have enough on your plate already.
  • @rodrigo, I'd def be down to contribute to a comp..now that I FINALLY have my wtpa going
  • rodrigo: I'd be soooo down for a compilation - do we need a dogma for this though? Like- "only wtpa processed sounds" or "at least 50% wtpa per track" or something like that?
  • I think just using it would be enough. People make radically music different using different things, so it would be weird to bottleneck it like that. For example, I use it in the context of an acoustic drumset...

    I'll make another thread for this and see how interest is.
  • Where's the WTPA-2 Demo video pron?
    All this foreplay and no release.
    I've been 8-bit celibate for too long
    I can't hold out much longer. Halp!
  • Ha! Video pr0n comes out on release day too. It's gonna be a good one I think...
  • Which is still looking like the 8th......?
  • More like the second date at this point, whatever that was. The 25th I think. I had client stuff to finish. It's done now; back on WTPA2.
  • So there's still hope then?!
  • Hey guys,
    FWIW -- I plowed through all my pending blog posts for the last 6 months, and there is a lot more development info on WTPA/WTPA2 on the blog than ever before.
    In case you care:

  • Yeah it's been great to read those!
    It was a bit weird until I realized that they are older posts just getting posted now.
  • So if we're not getting the WTPA2 tomorrow, can we get some Bent talk vids to hold us off?
  • Oh yeah! Maybe I can get the old one up. I don't know if anybody taped the latest one. I can check with Phil. You will get to see some serious bags under my eyes.
  • So with the technical problems detailed on the blog, hows the 25th looking?
  • Not great. I'm still in Italy. Good news is all the silly hardware problems (I found one or two other little ones before I left) are totally fixed, and the kits are bagged. The firmware still isn't done, though-- I'm plowing through the features but I want to release it as close to perfect as I can, what with all the firmware updating drama that invariably happens. Keep you posted but probably by the 1st of August. That seems reasonable.

    Pruning some damn olive trees,
  • Thats good news on the hardware side. I hate hardware troubleshooting more than anything else I think. (well, as far as troubleshooting goes I guess. I'm sure I would hate getting stabbed more).

    Must be warm at this time of year. I went around this time last year and it was pretty damn hot. Reminded me of living in Miami....almost.
  • I dunno Rodrigo-is it easier to "narrow the variables"
    in software? ;-)
  • Don't get me wrong, I suck at both, but in software there's a limited scope for fuckups, at least in the simple code I deal with. With hardware, every single thing can be wrong.

    I just had a rough couple weeks building this electronic floor tom thing that had hardware problems at every step including one I'd never dealt with before. Apparently wood conducts electricity?! Or at least effects capacitance, or something. I had body contacts mounted in the drum and it was acting weird until I isolated each one (with shrink tubing and plastic washers) from the shell.... weird.

    Not to derail, but here are a couple of pics:


  • so it depends on where on the circumference you hit it... 20 years ago friends put microswitches and bulbs in theirs so they lit up each hit...
  • Is that a ciat-lonbarde circuit tucked in there? does it respond to the drum being played?
  • edited July 2011
    Yeah it's an "Old Mr.Grassi". The bolts along the side are the body contacts for it. It doesn't 'do' anything while I play the drum normally, it's just there for quick access.

    The metal bars on the side are to control my tetrazzi/sidrassi. I used to do it with contact mics on the head itself, but those would get beat up pretty quick and I'd have to redo them. (you can see them in the first pic of the last post, dangling there, before I rerouted them to the metal bars)

    Here are a couple more pics further along. The first one has the speakers mounted/wired (pretty much) and the last one is the trigger that will be part of this epic drum trigger to arduino to midi/wtpa live sampling/processing/gestural device....


  • I can't wait to see how much this kit costs, so I know how much money to start hiding from my wife!
  • cool!
    did you get that as kit, or did you etch your own board?
    his stuff is awesome and i'd like to try one of these energy-organs.... but it's so expensive (well if you look how he's crafting the wood, you know why!!)
    i haven't found kits or such on his website, though.

    Rodrigo, you know, if you post such pics there have to be sounds / video too ;-)
  • Capacitance is fickle. I've had to isolate things with teflon from time to time in sensitive systems I haven't designed. Remember that anything with a high impedance is trouble.
  • Yeah it was a real bugger trying to figure out what was up. I disconnected every component of that system, testing the output along the way, and the last thing left was the body contacts. I thought, no way this will be it, but when I disconnected them, it worked fine.

    I had someone etch it as I wanted a stable(r) version for mounting in a drum.
    I plan on making a little video for it at some point (soon).
  • One of these days I should make some of Peter's circuits stable. You know, just to mess with him :-)
  • Hehe. My 'main' Grassi seems to go haywire every few months, for a day or two, where it crackles/makes noise without touching anything. It always goes away. I've tested about everything I can test, and have just learned to live with it.
  • Quick question. Can the WTPA2 record to both banks at the same time? Did a quick look and don't know if that kind of thing was mentioned.
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