WTPA2 Teaser

Hey everybody. Since I said I would, here's some details:

Changes and Additions from WTPA1 (so far):
Main sample rate clock is now an analog VCO which can be controlled via CV/LFO or via coarse/fine knobs
Additional onboard RC oscillator allows indpendent manual pitch control of both sample banks
Clock for the second bank can be slaved to the VCO as well via a toggle switch
Micro SD card interface for permanent storage of up to 512 samples
Direct playback from Micro SD card (get yr drum kit on)
Maximum sample rate now upwards of 40kHz for both banks (better code)
Parameter control is now a (custom!) quadrature encoder, which allows for changing parameters during RECORD or REALTIME modes
8 buttons instead of six. The UI is a lot less crowded.
Huge noise floor improvement in both analog and digital domains. Lower impedance, less bus noise.
Samples can now be edited live, shiffled, windowed, and generally Autechred
Optional board for all audio, power, MIDI jacks and select switches. Makes for an easier build and easier patching.
Optional fluorescent acrylic laser cut enclosure

Standard WTPA2 is Fluorescent Yellow and Black, with Black PCB and Yellow LEDs
The one pictured on this page is a limited edition that I sold at Bent/Solid Sound 2k11

More granular functions for extra artsy audo playback
Banks are now DUOPHONIC in MIDI mode! You can now play power chords, yo.
WTPA2 can be polychained via MIDI, even without a MIDI controller (two can talk, like Furby)

Price And Availability:
300 units are ALREADY in stock
Main sampler kit will go for $85
Pre-assembled and tested micro SD daughterboard == $25
Jack board kit with panel mount MIDI, Audio, DC jacks and clock toggle == $30
Fluorescent Acrylic Enclosure kit with pre-drilled and tapped sides, support standoffs, bolt-on rubber feet, LED extenders, screws and nuts == $75
So, your sampler kit can be anywhere from 85 to 215 depending on how baller you are, OR -->

Pre-Assembly and Testing:
WTPA2 can be bought as a finished unit! Half a dozen or so are already done.
Includes every option available on standard WTPA2, as well as:
Additional "Narrat1ve Only" LEDs, Knobs, anodized hardware and laser cut parts
Custom colors (ie: hot pink) available
Assembled in Brooklyn. All circuits and firmware tested/guaranteed by yours truly
$450 until I get sick of making these, then that goes up



  • Question: can we order two with different coloured cases for each? Like the knurl knobs as well. Option in kit?
  • Well, I'm excited now. Birthday middle of next month, think I know what I'm getting!
  • cool cool cool, product of the year :D
  • Fucking awesome.....

    I can't wait to hear the 'hi-fi' 40khz+noisefloor improvements. That's one thing I missed with the WTPA1 (subtlety as quiet things would get swallowed up by garble/noise).

    I think it's really badass how cheap you make the shit. $85 is like, dirt cheap! I'm trying to talk all of my friends into buying one (as they've seen mine in action a-plenty).

    I wish I had a use for the case/daughterboard, but since I plan on building some much crap into mine, I only need the kit+SDboard (for shit and giggles!). I originally planned on buying 3, but summer is broke time for self-employed types like me, so one will have to do for now.
  • Great! How do we get in on these?? Timeframe for ordering?
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    The RC oscillator, b1 clock looks interestin'!
    Sequential logic tricks? Multivibrator, astable,
    monostable, bistable etc?
    The Assassinator, the Hitman, kills it again!
    Looks, features- superlative all round man!
    What color enclosures r available for assembled?

    Irons hot-strike? :D
    Lotsa smiles in Brooklyn?
    ***Here's to much success!!!***
  • "Samples can now be edited live, shiffled, windowed, and generally Autechred"

    -any details you can specify about this yet?
  • I just came. Transfering money to paypal right now. ONLY concern (there is always someone bitching, its the internet...): How are these pushbuttons? I don't like the look of them - are there any cabs you can stick on them?
  • You can probably (carefully) drill the holes to be bigger and use different caps. Or find caps that stick to those caps. (Or hot glue some seashells, for a sort of rustic look....)
  • @spazmatron

    Interesting indeed. As is the part later where it says theres' more granular functions. Hot diggity can't wait for the full scoop/manual/purchase links etc..
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    @sealion -- YOU can buy another color cause I didn't sell out of the original green ones and there are a few left, but once those are gone they're black and neon yellow. Or maybe pink if I assemble them here. Sadly, the knobs cost a lot, so I didn't put them in the kits (only on the ones assembled here for outrageous prices). Those pics don't show the black hardware either.

    @rross101 -- Timeframe for sales is by the end of July. I'm shooting for July 8th, but if I don't hit that deadline I'll be out of town from the 13th to the 22nd. At which point end of July. I've been putting off the work that lets me pay for all this stuff, and clients are starting to get impatient...

    @tofino -- Assembled colors will be the green one here (until they run out, which will be fast I bet, but I'll announce here first) and translucent black and fluorescent yellow (which looks awesome if I don't say so). I might add a hot pink option if things are selling well, or maybe for an upcharge, but that acrylic ain't cheap.

    @blue_lu -- Those are pretty standard tact switches. I'll try and track down a cap. If that model one doesn't have any, then Rodrigo is right -- the switch has a standard footprint and you could replace them with something that does have a cap (drilling probably required)

    @Rodrigo -- right now the parts on the board only run the osc up as high as 25kHz, but I've tested the the interrupts upwards of 40kHz. I kept the range smaller to allow easier tuning and less use of RAM, but you can goose it if you want. IMHO the difference between 25 and 40kHz sampling is not that great. Mostly the noise floor improvements are what matters.

    @spazmatron -- all the shifty and grainy stuff is still getting played with on my end. I'm not trying to hold out, I'm just not always quite sure until I try something.
  • Would boosting the clock have any downsides? (like RAM life or something like that?) And is it just changing something in the code, or is it different component (RC?) values?

    Lastly, can you say what the 8th knob does? I've been waiting to find that out to place my mouser order (to know wether I want a full sized pot elsewhere on the case, or a black one poking through). (Assuming the 4 bottom pots are still input/thru/DAC/master)

    Man, the v1 board looks so homely compared to this one. Can't wait!
  • oh one month !!
    i thought better check daily around bent, to avoid being too late for a kit, or something like that....
    :-) so just relax a few more weeks

    btw, from the pictures it looks as if it were possible to squeeze a lil transformer in there underneath the main board.
    do you happen to know which distance there is between the board and the bottom?
    oh, and will 200mA be sufficient again, or even less?
  • A while back I suggested a "legato" mode.
    -trigger a sample-hit a different midi note, and the samples changes pitch, but continues playing without retriggering

    Ableton live has this feature with it's clips in session view.
    I might be the only one who thinks this would be cool, in which case, nevermind. But I figgured since you're still working on the code, it was worth mentioning.
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    Todd, can I order a Festival / neon green kit too?

    I am unsure because I like the idea of something that basicly works in the end. on the other hand I want to create an arcade button monster - the last one eventually broke... I am torn...
  • The 8th knob is like that button that Willy Wonka never touched. Who knows what it'll do or where it will go!?
    I'm pretty hype about this.
    I don't know if I can afford to go "all-in," with the case and all, but the black PCBs are hard to resist!
    Glad to see all the improvements and excited about the new code!
  • Congrats Todd! So with the higher sample rate - is this still with just 8 bits? I'm wondering if samples are still crunchy sounding at 40 kHz, but only using 8 bits resolution?
  • When I read the blog post about getting it going with up to 45khz I did some testing in Logic (using the bitcrush plug) and 40k + 8bit sounds pretty clean. You lose dynamic range a bunch, and quiet shit sounds bit crushy, but loudish stuff sounds nice and dandy.
  • I am laughing that this will come out the same month I finally finish my WTPA #1

    The more the merrier though!

  • word em up!!! love a green one... or a yellow one... or a ....
  • such a freakin purty party.so i got till the end of july to get up funds? blood bank here i come....
  • I would defenetly buy a yellow one!
  • @spazmatron -- re:legato. Good idea! Also, relatively easy to do. In TODO list to implement for first release.

    @Rodrigo -- A faster clock means you use the memory up faster and have less sample time, and in caveman mode it means that the knobs are much touchier to adjust. In my opinion, 8bits 22kHz audio files sound just fine, and I don't notice a huge difference between 44kHz and 22kHz sampling rates. The quiet stuff will sound iffy at either sampling rate because it's close to the noise floor. You basically would just get to hear the octave from 10kHz to 20kHz now as something other than aliasing error. Noise from hiss would also change timbre and perhaps be less noticeable? Also, it means pushing the processor (again) and the whole reason I spent time speeding up those ISRs was to have more time to do other cool stuff.
    But then again, I'm pretty deaf in my old age :-)

    @Glitched (and @Rodrigo)-- The oompa-loompa knob is the caveman clock control for the second bank. You can either use it or slave the second bank to the first (the VCO). The second bank now has its own RC oscillator. It means you can adjust the sample speed independently in caveman mode (or not). I think that was @dnigrin's idea, right?

    @Rosch -- There's 1.25" under the main board. But why do you need a transformer? There's a DC jack in the back. Mine draws 50mA most of the time but I haven't fully spec'd it yet (the uSD card draws a lot).

    @Everybody -- I think there are maybe 20-ish neon green kits left. First come first serve, but you guys have first dibs. There are maybe 5-pre assembled ones. There are hundreds of the "black stripe, yellow paint, line6 scared of it but them hoes ain't" models. I think both look pretty cool, but then I would.
  • Right, I imagined when you said that you would be able to control both osc independently you meant using the same knob (and picking which one you want to control).

    I never really 'fine tune' the osc, it's usually full up, or full down (or the time it takes to turn between one and the other).
    I'll leave it as is unless I feel sassy (@22vs44) especially if you plan on implementing stuff in that extra processing headroom.
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    Curious how many/much sold at/since the Fest?

    Don't really care about the color- it's gravy- just askin.

    I'd really be schtoked to get a fully loaded
    before August- Electro-busking awaits!
    Paypal checked & loaded and waitin for word.
    Looks like those "maybe 5" are now spoken for?
    Include sealion, blu lu, and me/tofino plus two others?
  • man i dont care what color..it could be barf brown as long as i can get ahold of one....
  • I'm thunkin: if I go pre-assembled I can go into youtube review mode fast. But if I neon green and a yellow both kits, same bucks sorta.
  • what's the footprint of this thing? it looks like it could safely house one of mike jordan's sneaks.. :)
  • I think I've sold 5 green kits with all the trappings, none at full price, and given one away. Pete Edwards has one, Peter Kirn has one, Nicholas Read (from Lazercrystal -- he was my drilling/tapping/assembling man for the release week) has one, Travis from Voice of Saturn, my buddy "modular" Nate Murphy has one, and Batsly Adams has one. All of those are dudes who can call me if and when something is hosed and I can help them fix it. It's been fun seeing them complete their kits and see what troubles they've had, and it has fixed some problems with the other 300+ kits that have not shipped yet.

    So yeah -- maybe 20 green kits, 4 green assembled, and 300 black and yellow kits are ready. There will be more assembled though by the time I post the purchase link. I got dudes on that.

    @oootini -- yep, it's big. That's the price you pay for building a computer with PTH technology. The C64 was big too :-)
    In the case, not including the height of the controls:
    8.25" x 5.25" x ~2"
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