Bent / Solid Sound Limited Edition WTPA2!

Drum roll...

So, the samplers sold at Bent 2011 and the Solid Sound Festival 2011 will be LIMITED EDITION!

Bent/Solid Sound WTPA2s will be green boards with a fluorescent green case and green LEDs, and there won't be very many. The boards will be labeled as such, and the cases will be numbered. Once they're gone, there won't be any more like them.
There will be a handful of completed units with pretty hardware as well as some kits.

Standard edition WTPA2s will be available on the site, of course. They will have a black PCB, fluorescent yellow case, and yellow LEDs.

Basically, the shipping on the main PCBs (just the main ones) got hosed from China (they're now due the DAY OF the Bent Festival, which is too close for comfort). To make sure I had something to show off and sell at the festivals I had to get a handful of boards from Advanced Circuits in Denver. They make really great boards, but they sure are not cheap. So those who want MIL-SPEC 8-bit samplers should roll up. I figured since they were expensive anyway and I was going to hemorrhage cash it would be a good time to throw in all the trimmings :-)



  • Black PCB, sexy.

    Will undrilled acrylic cases be an option by any chance? It's obviously a good size for the WTPA2 and from the look of the pics there might be enough room undernearth the PCB to stick all the other crap I want to stick in it. The itty bitty button/knob holes are no good for me though. I would imagine it would be a logistical pain in the ass, but I figured I'd ask.
  • one flight to NYC-$199*
    + one ticket to Bentfest-$25*
    + one WTPA 2 -Limited Edition =
    * - guesstimates

    are we all countin' the days??? ;^b
  • uhm: travelocity flight and 5 nights at the London NYC hotel $ 8,396 per person includes Flight + Hotel, Tax Recovery Charge & Service Fees Select + Bent Fest $25, & subway tokens.

    1 WTPA2 Priceles
  • If you guys flew to NYC to get a WTPA2, I'd even throw in a Narrat1ve coffee mug :-)
  • gnarl, any way of hooking a no-show-bro up? how much will these ltd ones go for. omg , I want one nao! :)
  • Yeah, we can probably hook you up. I got 27 boards made (the math is weird on pricing) and might try to make 4-8 finished units; the rest will be kits. If I don't sell them all those two days (I _might_ have normal kits for sale then too, it depends on how the shipping from China goes). But if any of the green guys are left I'll offer them up to you dudes first.

    Not sure how much they'll cost. Maybe more than the standard? But not much.
  • ArrrGHH ! Can'T wait more !!! no moves 'till it comes !
  • edited June 2011
    howmuchhowmuchhowmuch?! and whenwhenwhen? hey wait a second...oh yeah, i will be in nyc in late-ish july. any way i could get one of these beauties from you then?
  • Todd, I CHALLENGENE you to NOT sell all of those kits at the meeting. they will go like the hotcakers, trust me. :=)

    If, somehow, there is a leftover, I will most gladly provide a new home!
  • Man, I wouldn't take that challenge :-)
    People like to buy expensive shiz on the internet, but not everybody runs up at Bent after spending $20 on beer already and is like, oh, let me drop $90 + $70 +$25 + $25 or whatever on a sampler, case, permanent memory extension, and set of fancypants jacks on a daughterboard.

    Or hell, maybe they are. I hope you're right.

    I bought like 200 pounds of plastic yesterday and schlepped it to my laser dude, and once he gets a-cuttin I'll be able to do the final figures.

  • @hody --
    Yep. If I'm in town (I'm gone from like the 13th -- 23rd or something) you're on.
  • Todd: I take on with everything, Bent fest or not.
  • i agree, regardless of bentfest (it would be sad if all your brought units didnt find parties to go rok at) there are 5 units lusting our homes in melbourne... parties need rokin everywhere around the world...
  • Geez. I see critter&guitari was at solid sound
    among other. So many music & machine& Diy & electronic
    kahuna's were in such close proximity June 25-26!!
  • Yep. Those guys rule and the festival was a blast.
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