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  • Wait, is there a picture somewhere?
  • Actually do you have some board dimensions and/or case dimensions you wouldn't mind sharing? I'm going to revamp my electronics hub (http://rodrigoconstanzo.com/The_Party_Bus.html) to include piezo to MIDI triggering and footswitching for record/overdub/play/stop and want to start planning ahead.
  • The new rig with case will be about 8.25" x 5.25" x about 2.5" tall. Final prototype case comes in this week.
  • Hmm, quite a bit wider than before (at least with case). I can't wait to see this bastard!

    I'm planning/plotting some funds to be able to buy at least one when it comes out (then eventually a couple more to build into other junk).
  • Somewhat unrelated question but does the WTPA2 have a MIDI thru type thing?
    Or is it possible to 'fake' MIDI thru by sending parallel MIDI data to two devices each listening to different MIDI channels?

    More specifically. I'm working on a thing now that will take piezo input and spit out MIDI data on channel 10 to send to my drum sample pad, to sync acoustic drums with sample triggers. That's fine and dandy on it's own.

    Now, since I'm setting an Arduino and MIDI out and trigger ins, I'm thinking that it would be pretty hot to be able to control shit on the WTPA based in trigger inputs. Like hitting my bass drum starts a recording, then hitting it again plays it, and hitting my snare messes with grains/bitcrushing etc...

    The drum sampler has a MIDI out, which you can setup as a software thru, but it would be easier to have the WTPA do that since I plan on housing the arduino in the same enclosure.

    So yeah, if the WTPA doesn't have MIDI thru, can I send the same MIDI signal to both with each one listening to different channels (or is that what "thru" is anyways?)
  • you could always add a midi thru, something like on this website:
  • That's more components than I was imagining. I wonder if it really needs to be that complex if there's different channels involved and such.
  • but the midi in is already there with the opto. you just need the inverter part for idk, 1 thru port?
  • I know you're trying not to give it all away just yet, but I was wondering what is the case style? Shruthi, aluminum, adimantium?
  • @rosch Ah, that makes more sense. Never messed with inverters before (I'm assuming that's what that funky icon is).

    Yeah I'm curious about the buttons/knobs, if they are going to be little components sticking through the case or 'big' buttons/knobs.
  • With MIDI thru, yeah, you can make one pretty easy with a logic gate. Adding the jacks and components on WTPA would make the thing a lot bigger.
    And yeah, MIDI channels are MADE for that kind of thing. There are lots of different types of MIDI messages, some transmit to all channels, but many (like note on and note off) are specific to a given channel.

    MIDI through was designed to keep the number of cables down and short -- even with MIDI thru, you'd still need to assign different channels to the different devices on the bus (unless you wanted them to act together).
    A great book on this is Anderton's MIDI for Musicians: http://www.amazon.com/MIDI-Musicians-Craig-Anderton/dp/0825610508
    I use it a lot.

    W/r/t the case, it will be laser cut acrylic if you buy it along with the kit. If you buy an assembled unit, you'll get the extra-pretty one that may or may not have some cast plastic and anodized aluminum bits (still working that out). Cases cost a lot to make, and to sell them for anywhere near cheap I will need to keep the options down. Plus, I want the ones that come direct from here to look "special". You know.
  • So if the data is going on different channels anyways, is there any reason I can't plug the same parallel feed into both units and each one will listen to what's important to them? Or does it NEED to have some kind of logic gate/inverter?
  • Todd:
    So in the pic it looks ahem, very serious tech. ---- No biggie small! : (

    Sooo I was thunkin: with Olivier we could custom cut into our acrylic, what about some we pay for insanity on our cases?
    To quote kevin coyne: I dune the best I can I want my Crown... or better yet, make us pay for some of your in-sanity on our cases?
  • Oh, sorry rodrigo,
    the pic link: http://blog.narrat1ve.com/2010/07/08/wtpa2-asssemble
  • Right, I thought there was a new pic or something.
  • http://www.narrat1ve.com/images/WTPA_ProtoA_Assembled.jpg
    cool, thanks, well that's surface mount of the solderable kind.
  • That daughter board got the axe. There's a micro SD card slot in the thing now, and the uSD daughter will be sold as a thing you buy, so you don't have to assemble SMT stuff.
    I'll try and get pics up this weekend.

    Don't worry -- there's no silkscreen on those boards because they're proto boards. The real ones will be "representing".
  • Hmm, does anyone know Arduino junk enough to know if you can fit an ATMega328 and supporting parts in that proto area? Might be interesting to workup a DIY 'supercaveman' mod that will give access to lots of the MIDI only functions (edit mode etc..).

    I've been wanting to work up my Arduino chops and this would be relatively doable thing (just passing MIDI data).

    On second (and third) thought all this MIDI merge/thru stuff is giving me a headache! And I can't just send two sets of MIDI data out from a single Arduino either. Damn you 80s technology! Damn you to hell!!!
  • I feel you, but...
    You think that's bad, try fiddling with a TCP/IP stack or SD native protocol or USB or anything born past the 90s. In the 80's, computers and data formats were a lot simpler, by necessity.
    That having been said, what you want to do is totally possible. A great place to start would be by customizing the WTPA firmware, since all the message handling is already in place. It'd pretty much be "press button 1, send DoGranular" message.
  • I felt much better once I looked up and found an Arduino MegaMini, which means I wouldn't need a merge and just a thru.

    I hadn't even thought about doing that (messing with the WTPA code). I probably wouldn't as I barely know what I'm doing, and if/when there's an update I'd have to get back in there and jiggle crap around, and god forbid a rewrite...

    I've got epic plans either way! (3 piezo triggers on my drums which control my drum sampler (SPD-S) with probability/threshold/mapping controls, and then gestural/attack driven control of the WTPA (probably grain size/reverse for little tweaks while playing and the some 'fake concat synthesis' type stuff but messing with start/end/window based on attack input...).

    You know, I have the WTPA (and you) to thank for my venturing into Arduino shit, as it kind of 'clicked' that code can make hardware do awesome shit and is relatively accessible (having to figure out how to upload the firmware to the WTPA v1 helped). Kickass.
  • Would it be premature to inquire about pricing? I mean a ballpark, or "less than" x dollars. I just want to make sure I've got enough set aside.
  • I could've sworn there was a rough price somewhere (just went looking for it), but I guess not?
  • There was. This guy has options like the last one.
    You can buy a sampler kit, a micro-sd daughterboard, a jack PCB, and a case.

    The sampler kit itself will be more than WTPA1 (75-85) but less than $100 I'm pretty sure. It's more expensive than last time because there are more controls (another pot and encoder and more switches) and ICs (another latch and the 4046 and the Atmega got bigger) and the board is bigger.

    The SD daughter will be cheap-ish.
    The jack PCB won't really be because it comes with three switching jacks, a DC jack, two MIDI jacks and a fancy toggle switch. Certainly not the $15 that the bag of parts was. But I'll try not to make it too bad.
    The case matters a lot on the final prices I get on acrylic. Afraid it won't be cheap either -- it requires standoffs, feet, etc etc too.

  • What's the value for the extra pot?

    And are the other pots the same value as the original ones? (2x500ka, 2x1k, 1x10ka, 1x1ka).

    Ordering a bunch of junk from mouser and I want to order full sized pots for this already.
  • Thanks. All sounds more than reasonable. And I dont mind paying for a nice case, it sure beats trying to drill a bunch of little holes in just the right spot.
  • @spazmatron -- thanks! Yeah, I sweat a lot about trying to keep this cheap, so it's nice to hear from people that it isn't crazy.

    @rodrigo -- Careful! The values are different. There are 7 pots total, 4 10kA and 3 100kA. Remember there's an encoder too. And remember they're longer, too.
  • Will there be a just a PCB only option (or PCB plus your cool custom encoder?)
  • @altitude
    more info on this page from the man -about 8 posts in.
    Starts with: Good question!....

  • I'm really hopin' I'll have a fully spec'd WTPA-2
    by the time I share my b-day with Bill Clinton,
    Malcolm Forbes etc.? Cheers to hopin'!
  • tofino missed that one by a good 10 days :(
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