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  • Hey guys--
    Now, I don't like pre-orders, because I don't like the idea of taking money for something I can't currently deliver.
    However, I'll _ALWAYS_ announce to the forum before anywhere else, because you guys are like the family.

    Suffice it to say, the official announcement will be at Bent this year unless I screw up some delivery deadline or something (which is totally possible). If that happens, you will ALSO be the first to know.

  • It's more about the deets than the dates, but I'll take what I can get.
  • i'm curious how it looks
  • edited May 2011
    Oh, right.
    I'll make a proper blurb when I get back to my shop. I'm in the great state of Ohio right now taking care of some family stuff. It's pretty much all the stuff we talked about though in the forum: Permanent Memory option, independent caveman pitch controls for the two channels, CV input, a better UI (more buttons and knobs) and maybe some new audio features.

    It'll look like the old one except it'll be a little bigger, be easier to wire, and have a case option.

  • I.just.came. *mental note: put money aside*
  • I can't wait to get one, although I really have no idea what I'll use it for. Oh well, if nothing else I'll just sample a fart, and play it on a keyboard.
  • ...used to do that with my sk-1 when I was a kid. Hours of fun!
  • Then the WTPA2 will be in good company. Pretty much any audio device worth its salt can make flatulence.
  • So, I've had a search round the forum, read the manual for the WTPA 1, but I still can't quite figure this out.

    Will WTPA 2 have any ability to do "traditional" sampling? By which I mean assign a sample to a note value (and possibly a key range) and be able to shift the frequency of the sample up and down, in semitones, from a MIDI keyboard or sequencer.
  • pricklyrobot - exaclty. via midi input samples can be chromaticly pitched
  • Good to know, thanks blue_lu. I like all of the craziness WTPA seems to have on tap, but I'm also looking for something compact and portable (which my A-3000, while I love it, definitely is not) that could do a bit of "regular sampler" action.

    And the WTPA2 will have the same 'mono but 2-channel multi-timbral' arrangement of the first version?

    Looking forward to this kit. I should have time to finish the x0xb0x kit I haven't started yet right before it comes out. ;)
  • "Permanent Memory option, independent caveman pitch
    controls for the two channels, CV input, a better UI (more
    buttons and knobs) and maybe some new audio features."

    CV thru should be possible? For the modular folks patching continuity?
    The more I/O the better?

    Still on skedge for Bent Fest- TB?
    Ready with 9V, flatulence and
    my recently acquired Paul Hardcastle
    12-inch of N-n-n-nineteen/19! ;)
  • Ha! Flatulence ahoy.

    And yep, still on schedule. Soon (this week) I'll fix the website so you can follow the nerd progress blow by blow there.
    Ain't gonna be a CV through. Jacks are the most annoying and expensive part of this design. However, you can probably use a Y-cable since the input impedance on the CV in is pretty high.

  • man, i'm so looking forward for the new one!
  • "N-n-n-n-n-Nineteen" -- Nice one! Why can't more music use synced Viet Nam news samples?
    My only request is that you keep that nicely-saturating/distorting amp section. That thing is great. Who needs an EL Fatso expensive tube-warmth plugin when you have that!
  • Thanks!
    Pretty sure the amp section hasn't changed in awhile. The routing is a hair different (less noise) but the saturation characteristics should be the same.
    Although, really, with an opamp like that one, it's more like "clipping" than saturation. Even-order harmonics are overrated.
  • Indeed. Another approach to harmonics was demo'd at our local 2day noise fest last weekend: 4 mikes heldtogether, each with their own hi-z delay/fuzz/distort/crunch, and then all mixed to mono and out to a 6000 watt pa with subs. Then he began to scream.
    It went well with microbrew.
  • Hey Todd,
    I wasn't sure where to put suggestions, but this is an absolutely crazy suggestion. I am sure you are familiar with monome's mlr application. What about some midi controlled aspect similar to this where like a row of pads or keys on a sampler determines the playback point of the sample. Take the sample recorded in, divide into 16 segments, and have each of those segments assigned to a midi note. It would kinda be like the chop function on mpcs and roland mcs but playback would always happen (unless specified) and would continue from whatever starting point you have pressed? I really want a hardware implementation of mlr and even a 2 channel one would be sweet.
  • Interesting.
    This is kind of like the granularizing function, so the code is already almost there. Does that meant that if I divide the sample into 16 parts, and pick part 8, the sample starts playing at the beginning of chunk 8 and then loops around to the beginning of chunk 8 again?
  • well if you hit part 8 lets say, it will play from part 8 until the end of the sample, then loop back to the beginning of the entire sample. There is another type where the playback stops when you let off the button, so as long as you are holding that button, it will continue playback from that point, and loop back to the beginning. It is basically a granularity, slicing thing. there are a bunch of videos of mlr in action that can give you an idea of its capability. there are docs on the monome site too about it. you could make a mode that would loop to the beginning of that chunk for a sort of stuttering action.
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  • @Todd
    Just read about the lecture you have planned for the bent festival. I'd really like to see it, any chance you could YouTube it for us?
  • Hey dudes,
    Thanks for the Bent shoutout!

    Funnily enough, I actually have a video of my lecture from last year that I never put up. But yeah, I'll tape this one too :-)

    Also, FWIW, Bent 2011 has a kickstarter fund and is nowhere near reaching its goal. Now, I'm releasing my shit regardless, and I'm also not getting paid either way, but I pledged some dough to them just to be a sport. Bent has always been really good to me.
    A word to the wise, if you want to see the Bent Festival continue, it might not be a terrible idea to cough up a couple bux.


    No judgment either way. It's not for me, it's for those dudes who lay their nuts on NES pcbs and shit. But SOME people seem to like that :-)
  • hey so why don't you show your video?
    would sure be interesting, no?
  • I know, I know. I'll put it up. One of the things I gotta do before finally releasing WTPA2 is fix this joke of a site of mine.
  • Greetings all. I've been keeping tabs on the WTPA2 development for a while now but have only just joined the forum. I'm excited about the imminent release and am hoping I can get in on the action !! :-) I've built a few DiY boxes, mainly midiboxes and Shruthis. An awesome sample box would be the ultimate compliment to my mini arsenal :-P
  • What really sucks for all this is the release is coming at my brokest time of the year (summer). That's the downside to doing a teaching type schedule is that shit dries up in the summer.

    Bah humbug!
  • Hey @toadstool -- welcome to the forum!
    @Rodrigo -- Damn. I won't put you down for the limited edition WTPA2 that I built in the shape of a Caveman clubbing a MIDI controller then :-)
  • Hehe.

    Funny enough I've been wrestling with MIDI type recently but aiming to do it with MCUs sort of cutting out the 'middle man' of regular MIDI and going from caveman to spaceman....
  • Todd: It looks pretty.
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