WTPA 2.0 date

@Todd- any new information on when we might be able to get ahold of these?


  • 2010. Sept - Dec. Probably Oct. ;)
  • Oh man. Thanks for staying on me. I just moved labs (again), went on vacation to the great midwest and got a new toolchain up and running between apple pies (for ARM7 cores) and am currently digging out of all my client work. The new hardware is done, and I just need to have a firmware marathon. That isn't really an answer, I know.

  • Re:"WTPA-2 Marathon"
    Positively no rush. Just wanting to
    make sure that all the musicians who
    sacrifice groceries etc. for gear (most of us?)
    -are ready when it's party caucus donation time
    at the glorious 2010 WTPA-2 Ironman Marathon
    unveiling convention! ;^)
  • So, er, um...a light *nudge* to Todd.
    How's progress going, my man?
  • Hey D,
    Not great :-)

    Initially I'd wanted to have these done by the holidays, but ordering the encoders and pots from China took longer than it should have, and the lead time on them is still something like six weeks out.
    Small consolation, but the encoders going in this thing are special Narrat1ve-spec jobbies that are fancier and better than most of the low-end models at DK and Mouser. They're making them just for me! And those will be here just in time for Christmas.

    This basically took the fire out of my eye to get them done this year. Shit is also really busy here this time of year. The move to New York has yielded some new clients (which is good) and I've got to make them believe I don't sit around all day making crusty samples nd playing Xbox. I've started having to program some PC-side graphical applications using OpenGL which is proving to be a blast (anybody out there have any pointers?)

    Good news is nobody does ANYTHING in January, so I'll likely be back on WTPA then. The other good news is I'll already have sunk a bunch of money into it (for the controls) which I'll be financially obligated to recoup. So it'll happen, just none too fast.

  • You don't sit around all day making crusty samples nd playing Xbox? WTF? Todd todd todd. Will post a sonoio clip when i get camera crazy. Decidedly not a toy, lots and lots of those little jumpers you used to put on the back of hard drives (only bigger) for customizing it. But no blinky lites, darn.
  • FWIW- Totally relevant. ;)
    "WTPA2 comes out this summer."
  • Yeah, I gotta stop doing that :-)
    I really need to start being more like this:


    Under the "When will the game be ready" section. That always sounded harsh to me before, but it actually probably the best release policy to avoid getting in trouble.
    FWIW, I totally ended up coding these fancypants flash-access routines for another client which will get jacked for WTPA. Weaksauce, I know, but something.
  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EvGZjRIH-NQ
  • So hows January looking?
  • any new info on this Todd??
  • January might see the parts arrive from China, if not that then February. I think things will be pretty much good to go for the springtime.
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  • Status report? Minions await.
    How you doin'? Baddabing....
  • Lost left thruster, shields down, reactor on overload. Normal day. SNAFU.
    So Todd, is it true? Was that you in the lineup for the surplus Tron suits the day after the Superbowl?
  • Ha!
    Tell you what, I had many, many problems with the Superbowl halftime show, but if I couldn't make a better looking, more reliable set of fashion electronics than that I would go back to being a bartender.
    If the black eyed peas paid me enough, I might not even try and kill myself when the job was over.

    WRT the WTPA2 date:
    Custom pots arrive here from the factory at the beginning of April, so those will need to get tested, which means final boards will get ordered around then.
    After that, any bug shooting that needs to happen. So May, probably.

    I've been busy as shit lately. Lots of toy work, some crazy motion tracking stuff for pro sports, and building a bunch of art for a big show coming up at the Whitney.
    It certainly does keep the domestic beer and organic peanut butter flowing, but I sure could use a week to hang out eating cuban sandwiches and playing XCOM.

  • A winter in manhattan and no cuban sandwiches, my big regret. I lived on papya guy crap/beer/chinese takeout at 5.99 a tray/mustard and potato knishes, and in the fall hot roasted chestnuts for a treat. Todd, tried the Nuyorican poetry bar in alphabet city yet? I went every Friday. If you get any trouble tell the bartender a friend of Reverend Pedro sent you. Great poet. Last time I ws there a lit candle was by his photos behind the bar, that will find him. I read there once, back in 1993.
  • So been doing a lot of rocking my party lately and it's making me crave and miss what I don't yet have.*

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    ditto quite quiet. Hands no longer shakes when I see a soldering iron or a spool of solder, must be on the other side of DIY withdrawals, bad sign!
    heck I'm not even uploading to youtube lately :-)

    Todd, what about taking a page from the monotron and planning in solder pads/pins/labels for those who want to hack the simple one your working on for gates cv to pitch or modulation, etc. Ditto for 2.0 That would save you from getting into doing parts for thems that wanna modular/cigar box customize, etc.
  • Just checking how things are going?
    Is this summer coming soon? ;)
  • Ha! Yep.
    In theory WTPA2 should come out at Bent 2011 (around June 25th) assuming bent is still happening. Shh, don't tell anybody. I haven't announced it yet.
  • That would be pretty awesome.
  • NICE! Looking forward to it!
  • so - what do the custom encoders look like? did you get those badass led ones?
  • They're badass (mostly) but not LED. Those shits would make the kit too expensive. FWIW I did have them made just for WTPA2.
  • sooooooo... any beforehand news to your loyal wtpa crew on the boards before the official anouncement ? ;)
  • Hey there ! ( i'm totally new here!... and newbie in diy) ... Is a pre-order thing planned for the wtpa2 ?
  • I like the way you think blue!
  • hope todd likes it as well *pliiiiies*
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