A Momentous MF Day

I was just digging into into some of the WTPA digital noise pickup problems and guess what? Bam. The new shit is DEAD SILENT.
Listening to a sample with the gain totally cranked and no buzz, clicks, weird whines or whatever was a real triumph.

It makes the samples sound better too. You can now notice dropping a SMALL number of bits, since a little bit of weird noise now is really noticeable.

For those of you who are curious how it got done, the answer is in section 22.7.2 of the 644pa datasheet. When in doubt, RTFM :-)

For those of you that are annoyed that the new version is less noisy than the old one, you can always use the jitter function :-)



  • That's awesome.
  • pro studio 8-bit duh, uhm, duh. brain-lock. This is going to be very interesting Todd-god. well at least another halo. :)
  • Keep rollin over those bugs, man! I can't wait for this -ish!
    My OG WTPA recently bit the dust, after I accidentally knocked it into the wall, while trying to unplug a stubborn 1/4" cable. I don't think it's a big deal; the caps are bent to hell and a few of the pin headers are as well. Just gotta do some troubleshooting.

    Anyway, this is the #1 project to which I'm looking forward.
  • Awesome! Thanks, guys.

    Oh, and while I was at it I just made it so the two banks have INDEPENDENT PITCH CONTROLS in caveman mode! Or you can link em up if you want, like it is now.
    I have the banks running at 23kHz and 25kHz right now with no complaints, one off the internal VCO and one off an external clock input.
    Figured the cave-dwellers among you would be into that :-)

    The second bank will probably have a bootleg relaxation oscillator like the OG WTPA did, with only one control, or an option to slave the two banks. I had that extra op-amp on the board, and now I know what I'm gonna do with it.

    Booyah. A big day for samplers.


    ps -- And there's still room to speed up this code. Part of separating the two banks was to make them run faster. The "you can play the samples all different style" was partially a side effect :-)
    The last days have been really poring over this code and kicking myself for some of the lazy parts of the first one.
    Olivier sent a lot of really good suggestions about this too, and has done a lot towards shaming me into really geeking out on efficiency.
  • Also, WTPA just recorded and played back its first 44.1kHz sample which was pretty cool.
  • All this progress is mouth friggin watering.

    The independent pitch controls would be huge, and particularly with caveman control!
  • >the two banks have INDEPENDENT PITCH CONTROLS in caveman mode!

    Awesome! Fire bad, independent pitch control good.
  • Looking forward to it all Todd!
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