Can I use the WTPA as an AVR programmer?

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So I need to program an AVR from my new x0xb0x but the x0x does not have a programming header on the board. The chip is a ATmega162 so could I just pop it into the WTPA and program it there?


  • Sadly, that's a big old no. I just looked at the two datasheets and the power and ground pins aren't in the same positions. Also, WTPA has a 20MHz xtal which is faster than the '162 is rated, which might cause trouble even if the pins got moved around.
  • damn. Any recommendations on how to do this? I have a TinyISP..
  • You could make a little protoboard with the correct 6 pins attached to a socket. One resistor for reset, and maybe a crystal depending on how the x0x board looks. Wouldn't take you too long.
    OR -- you could stick the unprogrammed 162 into the x0x board, and make a little tail with the MOSI, MISO, RESET, SCK, and GND lines running away to a male header and just program it on that board. I'd need to see a schematic to know if there's be any bus contention though.

    Basically, you need power, ground, and those 4 lines to program an AVR. You may need a crystal too depending. Any way you can get those is A-OK.
  • cool. thats what I was hoping. Here is the x0x schem if you wouldnt mind taking a look:
  • Not sure if you're aware or not, but you can program the AVR via USB with the c0ntr0l software. You can find the instructions over on the adafruit forums.
  • gorgiv: I have an orginal AVR from way back that has to be burned on a programmer and cant be done with the USB
  • Hmm. There's some other stuff connected to the SPI bus but it looks like it should be deselected when you program the part. So _PROBABLY_ you can just reprogram it on that board.
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