midicontroller for WTPA

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hi Todd! well i've built my 1st WTPA like recommended, all on the PCB. result after testing it with poor PC earbuds (further tests will follow next week on a tube amp):

awesome machine, great noise!!

now i intend to do it again but with the pcb inaccessible. so i have a few questions:
a) can i waive the buttons because all functions are available via midi CC or should i better use some panel mount buttons although i'll use a midi controller?
b) if i build 2 identical controller sections for both channels in one box it should be possible to change settings for both channels via CC at the same time.

thanks so far, i hope the 1st version will be available for some time??
but i'm also looking forward for your other projects! will they be also diy?


  • I've built controller interfaces in software for both channels, then sequenced up some stuff running them both same time. Works great. I don't see how doing with hardware would be any different.
  • Hi Rosch --

    a.) I think so. There might be a couple subtle differences but not many. In general, MIDI is more flexible than the button interface although they access the same commands.
    b.) Sure. Just send the same CC message to both channels.

  • cool, thanks!
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