Building the WTPA into a MIDI controller keyboard

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I have an idea to buy a cheap 2 octave MIDI controler and mount a WTPA inside and have a nifty portable keyboard version of the WTPA. You could route the controller MIDI out to the WTPA MIDI IN and go from there. Then you could assign the controller's knobs/sliders/buttons to the WTPA functions. The question is, what functions can the WTPA be controlled with over MIDI? And is it possible to code more MIDI control for various things? This, of course, is me dreaming again, even before I get my WTPA, hah!!

Cheers, graham


  • you can control more with midi than you can from the front panel..
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    Using MIDI CC's or such?


    Ahh, found the MIDI implementation chart. For anyone interested:


    Command or Effect:______________CC___Number Value:
    Start/Stop Recording_____________0____0 = Stop, >0 = Start
    Start/Stop Overdub______________1_____0 = Stop, >0 = Start
    Start/Stop Realtime______________2____0 = Stop, >0 = Start
    Loop Continuously/Once__________3_____0 = Once, >0 = Cont.
    Half Speed Playback______________4_____0 = Stop, >0 = Start
    Backwards Playback______________5_____0 = Stop, >0 = Start
    Cancel All Effects________________6_____Any
    Bit Reduction___________________7_____0-7
    Granularize Sample______________8_____0-127
    Introduce Jitter Errors____________9_____0-127
    Change Output Combination Math__10____0-3
    Store Default Record Note_________11____Any
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