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So I read on your website you have three other projects in the pipe for us. I have to tell you the WTPA turned me into a fan of your work immediately, so I am REALLY looking forward to your other stuff. Could drop some hints what the new stuff is going to be?
If not - that's cool - just wanted to let you know there are people who are curious about your stuff!

take care!


  • Did I skip this? Sorry.
    Right now there's a new WTPA version in the works, and an even smaller and simpler sampler.

    These will both Definitely Happen, and both pretty soon.

    There's also a video synthesizer I've been working on, albeit very slowly. It will take a backseat to the audio stuff for a little while.
    I started to sketch out a really badass 4-channel, hoity toity sampler but decided that it was not the way to make the big bucks.

    And as always, I'm open to suggestions!

  • Cool! I will get in line for another wtpa. I am curious for your other stuff, but I have to say the 4channel-badass-sampler grapped my attention!

    later, lu
  • Hi all. I'm enjoying my WTPA a lot, especially in caveman mode, as it allows me, along with the rest of toys and hacks, to enjoy making music away from the computer. But I need more loopers. As my next baby step in electronics, I was considering one of those designs based on ISD chips, but these seem to be quite difficult to source. As I see that there is a "smaller sampler" project in the works, I suspect it could be what I need. But what does "smaller" means? Allow me to post my wish list:

    - smaller size
    - no MIDI
    - possibly less memory and one bank would be OK
    - 16 bits sampling (don't spit at me, I love the 8bit sound but we already have wtpa)
    - chainable (see http://www.tangiblesequencer.com)
    - cheaper :P

    It would be great that it could be used as a tangible sound object but also embedded in other diy instrument designs.

    On the other hand, a 4 channel looper with independent volume per track would also be very useful


  • Hi Gerard --
    It's true. The next release here will in fact be a smaller sampler, tentatively called the "Itty Bitty Party Committee".
    It will be smaller, have no MIDI, have less memory, one channel, and be significantly cheaper. It will be 8-bits, still (sorry -- "16-bit" and "cheaper" are nearly mutually exclusive) and as of now will not be extensible, although I can see how that would be a good idea. If I can implement that, I will. It will also have an integrated keyboard and will not have a nested menu system -- meaning that anything it can do it will be able to do with one button press. This means there will ONLY be a caveman mode, and it will be easier to use than WTPA's caveman mode.
    Finally, it will have a built-in speaker and mic.

    Thanks for the suggestions! As always, keep 'em comin! This is exactly the right time to get in my ear about things you'd like to see in the upcoming release.
  • Built in mic, eh? sounds tasty.
  • little speaker? Oh, very nice, and 9 volt too please? I like the tom bugs speakers and love having a pa free tiny sound pocket rig.
  • A line in jack as wellas mike too please, 1/8 or phono don't care much.
  • i hope it'll come as diy kit too?
  • It will, if and when it happens. The only things I'm interested in doing as non-diy are things that are too big or too complicated for an average solder-jockey to put together. Anything smaller, cheaper, and simpler will be kits.
  • so that flip photo sure looked like it was loaded with a mini sampler, itty bitty? hope so.
  • +1 !!! Todd?
  • flip photo?
  • I vote for something that can fit in a modular synthesizer. :) But that's just because I've recently been re-excited about modular synths as in the past few years, a lot of individuals much like Todd have actually created new things instead of just copies of old designs. I would love a great little sampler that would fit in with a modular synth and have some of the more interesting features of the WTPA (I still haven't taken advantage of the sync of WTPA). Granted, I remember Todd trying to add CV control to WTPA and then taking it out due to some reasons I can't recall. But it'd be great if the new sampler has the effects of WTPA, the granularity and recombination have quickly become my favorite aspects of my WTPA. I guess with this newer, simpler sampler, it wouldn't be easy to continue with creating more control over these effects? I'm also looking forward to the new firmware with the Start, Loop, Endtime adjustments.

    Anyways, whatever you make should be pretty interesting Todd, keep up the very good work.
  • I know I must've said this a million times, but a million and one:
    I think my client work will be slow this week, so I should be able to do some cracking on this stuff again.
    Thanks for the support!
  • Todd, we love you :^)
  • http://www.bloomberg.com/news/2010-12-06/adafruit-targets-tinkerers-with-open-source-electronics-kits.html
  • Yes, yes. Very cute.
  • hi Todd when do you think you will be releasing/working on some of your video stuff?

    also check the new vsynth forum at http://www.muffwiggler.com/forum/viewforum.php?f=48

    thanks for the interesting stuff

  • Hey Chris --
    That forum is badass. I'd love an excuse to get back to the video stuff but I couldn't say when. The LZX stuff really is well designed AFAICT, and Lars has a way better mind for selling product than I do, to boot :-)

    If you're looking to tinker, I'd look at Bruce Land's avr synth stuff, as well as Owen Osborn's smallest C&G synth. They're both really simple and contain the basis of the ideas in something like the bit vision synth. Understanding NTSC video is the hard part, after that the circuits aren't so bad (though they are more tricky than audio).

  • Hey Todd. Happy birthday whenever that is, fuggit I love teh smell of sol.der in the morning
  • Ha! Thanks.
    It was the 13th. I had a party two days ago. I laughed, I bled. It was fun.
  • Tod: new part at Mouser smt 580-MTU1S0515MC $8 each. The kicker, 5v in 15v out w/torodial. Hmm opens up in terms of modular anaalog ish mods?
  • Very cool! I especially like the +/- 15v supplies, although I can't remember the last time I actually needed those rails for anything.
    Still, when I make that sampler based on discrete op-amps I suppose it will come in handy :-)

    Actually, where it probably really WILL come in handy is for video stuff. A lot of that stuff wants negative rails and/or higher than a 5v supply.

  • hmmm. now, i'm still waitin on them video kits. have a bitvision running now, and a dearraindrop from guitari&critter. bitvision just announced some coding teething problems about on e of the internal clocks, reburn the atmeg, love them dancin skulls. Studio engineer loaned me a size of an iphone 90 lumen optima pico projector that throws 60" in a dark room , say one with matresses for walls for in sulation, and noisers in black-ts and 1600 watts of pa. boom-doom-boom. Bip
  • sealion-I was tempted but poor by the pico projector
    on sale for 49 bux at longdong drogs last
    week! Frickin' amazing! 60" picture...
  • tofino 49 for a pico @lds is ggoooood, mine's a loaner from HK. Got a fresh atmel from bitvision that resolved an issue caused by the first batch of atmels being shipped loose (no foam or chip tubes). Its running fine, dancing egyptians skulls geo patterns and chiptune cartoon face patterns. Haven't the gear to try custom user image loading yet.

    Todd re Itty Bitty Party Committee, a gate in to retrigger the loop, and I'm for a 1/8" switching out jack. Stereo or mono don't care. two buttons, hold both record, hit one restart/play and a pitch wheel/knob. Getting tired waiting for a u-record or wave load buddha box. Hmm could the internal speaker double as a 2-bit mike? If the gate triggered I could runn different ones off drum machine outs for sequencing live.
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