Site Updated With New Goodies!

Dear friends--
The latest (and first!) firmware revision to WTPA has been posted on the main page. There are some notes about avr programming as well, and some links to where to get programming tools.
The rev (revision 2) fixes:

--The click bug
--The "no single shot in backwards mode" bug
--Another bug you guys didn't complain about yet, the "WTPA thumps the first time I hit record" bug. It bothered me for sure.

I also posted a BOM! This will especially help those of you sourcing your own parts. There is now enough info on the website that if I died tomorrow you all could continue making WTPAs in perpetuity. For those less charitably minded, there is now enough info on the website for shady Russian knockoffs of WTPA to start rolling in for next to no rubles.

I know there will be some threads about "how to flash the firmware" -- the links on the main page are a good place to get started thinking about that stuff.

Happy Nerding,
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